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Advanced technology creates a plethora of new soundscapes.

After 20 years of working her way up the corporate ladder to the position of executive administrator of a large company, Diane Kaiser decided at the age of 55 to act on a longstanding desire to change careers and move into real estate.
It was around that same time that Diane, now 66, also decided to make a major lifestyle change and get hearing aids. The latter was a change she had contemplated for a couple of years and one her grandchildren finally prompted her to act on.

Photo by Nerissa Johnson.

Diane is glad she can hear her grandchildren clearly on the phone

“I knew for a while that I had been suffering from hearing loss,” Diane explains. “But when I could no longer hear my grandkids, well, that’s when I knew I had to do something about it.”
Diane’s search for a solution to her hearing problems eventually led her to EarCare, owned by Dr. Karen Cowan-Oberbeck, a board-certified doctor of audiology. Diane has been a loyal customer ever since.
Throughout the past decade, Diane has worked mostly with Glenn Oberbeck, a board-certified hearing instrument specialist who is well-versed in adjusting and upgrading individual’s hearing instruments to meet their expanding needs.
Glenn combined his skills and his vast knowledge of the most recent upgrades in hearing instrument technology to help Diane discover a whole new world. He also helped put her back in touch with her old world.

A Technological Wonder

“Hearing aids can be pretty expensive, so we try to get as much life out of them as possible,” Glenn explains. “We’re constantly making adjustments to ensure they’re working efficiently for our patients, and Diane is a good example of that.
“We’ve been seeing Diane for about twelve years, and the hearing aids she had were about eight years old. She was definitely in older technology, and it was getting to the point where they just weren’t performing as well as they needed to for her.”
The drop in performance occurred gradually, in a way Diane barely even detected at first. After a while, however, she noticed she was once again leaning into conversations with her right, or “good,” ear because she wasn’t hearing well enough with her left.
Even worse, she had begun to disengage herself from some conversations entirely. She began to avoid large group settings, for example, because she didn’t want to burden anyone by constantly asking them to repeat what they had just said.
“I’ve always been in Bible studies and things like that, but it got to a point where I wasn’t enjoying them anymore because I wasn’t able to hear what people were saying,” Diane relates.
“In a situation like that, where you’re all sitting around in a circle and discussing something, you don’t want to keep saying what, what all the time, so you kind of decide, Well, I’m not going to do that anymore.”
Diane, who still works regularly as a real-estate agent, sensed her hearing loss was robbing her of her sense of being. It was also beginning to affect her at work, where she was struggling to hear clients in person and on the phone.
Thankfully, Glenn had a solution. It was a solution rooted in the wonders of modern technology, which is the hallmark of the ReSound LiNX 3D hearing aid system, the most advanced digital hearing aid system around.

ReSounding Difference

The ReSound system creates an environment in which the wearer can better identify speech and other sounds in noisy surroundings while maintaining a better dimension of control over all sounds, no matter the setting.
“We’re not just talking about adjusting the volume,” Glenn informs. “The person wearing the hearing aid has individual controls over the microphone patterns, noise cancellation and manipulation of the frequency response throughout the different hearing levels.
“You have the ability to actually modify the bass, the treble and the mid frequencies, and you have the ability to save that program after you’ve manipulated it so that when you get back into that environment or one with similar acoustics, you can retrieve that program.

“Thanks to these new hearing aids, I’ve got my personality back. I feel like I’m me again, and it’s all due to Glenn. He absolutely rocked my world.” – Diane

“You can create up to twelve different custom programs, which is amazing because the majority of the environments we encounter are not very difficult. But when you get into a favorite restaurant or an auditorium, you need to be able to hear the person that’s talking. This hearing aid can save your settings so next time you go there you can get to that optimum setting with just a click of a button.
“With previous technologies, it can be very difficult to communicate in some of those scenarios. But the ReSound technology even has a free app that you can download onto your phone that allows you to manipulate the hearing aids in real time.”
The new ReSound hearing aids are also made with Bluetooth® technology that can be connected to a smart phone, thereby allowing the wearer to hear phone conversations not through the phone but through the hearing aids themselves.
Diane says she picked up on the nuances of the new technology quickly, and that her new hearing aids have allowed her to regain the lifestyle she was beginning to get away from while wearing her old hearing aids.
“When my phone rings, I hear it ring in my ears, so I’m no longer missing phone calls,” she enthuses. “I’m enjoying my Bible studies a lot more now, too.
“I have a specific setting on my phone for that, so when I go to the Bible study each week, I just pick that setting, and everybody’s voices are enhanced. It’s just great for large groups.
“I also like to travel and recently took a trip to Israel, where I was in a big group of people. I didn’t miss a thing. All I did was adjust the settings on my phone, and I was able to hear everything the tour guide was saying.
“Thanks to Glenn and the ReSound hearing aids, I was able to hear everything and had a great time.
“These new hearing aids make you hear better, and what I’ve realized is that, thanks to these new hearing aids, I’ve got my personality back. I feel like I’m me again, and it’s all due to Glenn and the rest of the team at EarCare.
“He absolutely rocked my world.”

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