Anti-Aging Tip

Maintain a youthful, healthy smile with dental implants.

Brazilian-born Elk Rocha was 27 years old when she left her native South America and came to the United States hoping to give her son and daughter a better life. Seventeen years later, she has tangible evidence to prove she made the right decision.

Elk Rocha went to Dr. Fatmi for her dental care and learned an important anti-aging tip.

Elk Rocha

Having taken full advantage of the superior educational opportunities offered here, Elk’s daughter is now attending medical school, and her son is on the cusp of receiving a degree in computer science.

Elk still visits her native Brazil on a regular basis, but Florida has become “home” to the proud 44-year-old who stays busy managing her own house-
cleaning business and stays fit by boxing five days a week at a local gym.

“I’ve tried a lot of things to keep me in good health, and so far, the boxing seems to be working the best for me,” says Elk, who pays just as much attention to her oral health as she does her general health.

Over the past few years, Elk has
routinely visited Regency Court Dentistry every six months for a cleaning and oral checkup. It’s a routine that started when a rather common problem arose with two of her lower molars.

A Permanent Fix

“Elk first came to us in 2014, and one of the first things we found was that she had a couple of lower molars where old root canals had failed,” explains Regency Court’s Naved Fatmi, DMD. “When an old root canal fails, there are only two options to fix it.

“One of those options is a partial denture. The best option, however, especially for someone who is still young such as Elk, is a dental implant capped with a porcelain crown, and one of the reasons is what the implant does for anti-aging.”

Even in the healthiest person, deterioration of the jawbone can begin early in life, sometimes even in the 30s. The loss of a tooth is one of the things that can advance the pace of that deterioration, which can have significant consequences.

“With molars in particular, if you lose one when you’re young, for whatever reason, and you never replace it with an implant, the bone eventually deteriorates, and your face starts sinking because the muscles sag, and you can get early wrinkles,” Dr. Fatmi educates.

“For example, if you see an older person whose face looks like it has a caved-in appearance, it’s probably because they have suffered significant bone loss in the jaw. And the reason they’ve lost that bone is because they’ve probably lost a tooth.

“The two go hand in hand because the things we use our teeth for, such as chewing and biting, actually stimulate the jawbone and keep it healthy. Our teeth give our jawbone a purpose. But if there is no tooth, the bone has no purpose and it simply degenerates.

“What the implant does is take the place of the real tooth because it’s a fixed prosthesis that is surgically placed into the jawbone. Once it’s there, the body accepts it as its own, and that gives the bone a purpose and a function that keep it healthy.”

A partial won’t have the same effect on the jawbone as an implant because it rests on top of the gums. Another drawback to partials is that, unlike implants, which support a natural-feeling crown, partials often feel uncomfortable in the mouth.

“Partials can feel awkward because they’re not a real part of you,” Dr. Fatmi continues. “Partials are made of acrylic, and acrylic fills are a lot thicker than natural teeth or crowns, and so it often feels as if you have a fake tooth, which in fact you do.

“The other thing to think about with a partial, especially when you’re dealing with someone young such as Elk, is that in addition to a physical disadvantage, there is also a psychological disadvantage that should be considered.

“To begin with, a lot of people, no matter how old they are, don’t want to have to take that partial out at night and clean it and put it in a cup. But when a young person needs to do that, it can make them feel old, socially uncomfortable and less confident.

“You won’t have that with an implant because the implant doesn’t come out at night or at any time for that matter. It’s a permanent treatment that functions as if it’s part of a person’s own natural dentition that the body reacts to as if it’s your own tooth.”

The Right Choice

Elk had not even turned 40 when she read an article about Dr. Fatmi in Florida Health Care News and decided to visit Regency Court. Upon learning of the anti-aging benefits of implants, she immediately chose them as the treatment method for her molar issues.

“Elk is a very health-conscious person who works hard to stay fit and watches what she eats, and she expressed to me that she had no desire whatsoever to walk around at her age with a partial denture in her mouth,” Dr. Fatmi elaborates.

“There’s no doubt she made the right decision by going with the implants because they’re a perfect fit for her overall medical health profile. She wants to continue eating the foods she should be eating to stay fit, and that’s an important factor as well.

“Your mouth is the first part of your digestive system because your teeth are what help you break down your food properly. If you can’t do that, you aren’t going to get the nutrients you need from the foods you eat, and you may even have to change your diet.

“If you can’t break your food down properly, you’re automatically going to avoid eating some of the foods that you should be eating, like protein and vegetables and fruits, because you think, If I can’t chew this stuff, I may as well just avoid it.

“But Elk hasn’t had to do that. She prevented that because she chose to go with the dental implants for her molars, and she’s had a great deal of success with them. Now, she’s on a regular maintenance schedule, and her oral health is excellent.”

Elk has received more than just great dental care from Dr. Fatmi. She’s also received an education on good oral health and how to maintain it. As a result, she has nothing but praise for Dr. Fatmi and his staff at Regency Court Dentistry.

“I tell everybody I know who’s looking for a dentist to go see Dr. Fatmi because he’s so good and is so dedicated to his job,” Elk raves. “He loves his work, and he doesn’t do it for the money. He does it because he has a special gift.”

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