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Customized weight-loss program improves health, vitality.

Since her passion for the art was first kindled during her teenage years in high school, Olivia Greer’s endless love for dance has taken her from football fields and basketball courts to major concert stages.

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Olivia Before

“I’ve danced most of my life,” says the 52-year-old data entry clerk. “In college, I was a member of the University of Miami Dance Team, and from there, I went on to dance for a studio called The McIntyre Institute, which performs liturgical dance.

“I was also part of a company called the Jada Company that traveled and performed with various gospel artists like Yolanda Adams and Shirley Caesar. Now, I teach dance part-time, so it’s still a big part of my life.”

Olivia still performs on occasion as well, primarily at her church, and with two children to take care of and dozens of others to teach dance to, she remains physically active. Just not active enough to avoid adding a few unwanted pounds.

“I’ve probably put on about fifteen pounds or so over the last few years, so I recently started looking for a program to help me lose the extra weight,” she confides. “I found what I was looking for in an ad for a doctor in the area and decided to check it out.”

The program Olivia read about is called Ideal Protein®, and it’s endorsed by Himagiri Ravi, MD, who specializes in medical weight loss at her Boynton Beach-based practice, L.I.V. Medical Weight Loss & Aesthetics.

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Olivia After

Improving Health and Vitality

Dr. Ravi’s practice focuses on improving individual wellness through an array of services, including Ideal Protein, which is a four-phase ketogenic lifestyle program designed to help patients lose weight safely and effectively while improving their health and vitality.

In addition to fostering better appetite control, improving blood sugar and cholesterol levels and reducing blood pressure counts, Ideal Protein also helps patients develop and maintain eating habits that become second nature to them.

Those goals are achieved through customized meal plans that help burn stored fat while preserving lean muscle by limiting the amount of sugars and dietary fats that are taken in and emphasizing high-quality proteins that are easily absorbed by the body.

Participants in the Ideal Protein protocol are also encouraged to exercise regularly. To aid them in that endeavor, participants receive a booklet that shows them a variety of exercises that can be done to help them burn more calories.

“It’s an active management of diet, exercise and healthy behavioral changes,” Dr. Ravi explains. “With the exception of the home exercises, everything is done in the office, and it’s a great program that many of my patients have had lots of success with.”

Olivia is one of those success stories. She reached her target weight a little more than a month after beginning the Ideal Protein program and has had no trouble maintaining her goal weight because of the diet and lifestyle changes she’s made.

“The program has me eating healthy foods and exercising again, and I like that,” Olivia enthuses. “And Dr. Ravi is so encouraging and helpful. She gave me a lot of insight regarding certain foods that were good for me and choices I could make.

“With Dr. Ravi in your corner, you can’t help but succeed with Ideal Protein. Whether you’re trying to lose a lot of weight or just a little like I was, I highly recommend them both.”

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