An Ideal Solution

Customized weight-loss program improves health, vitality.

All through high school and well into early adulthood, Shelley Maldonado’s passion for and continued participation in gymnastics kept her trim and in tip-top shape. Then, as she puts it, “life got in the way” and that healthy appearance disappeared.

Photo by Nerissa Johnson.

Dr. Ravi (right) says her patients have had “lots of success” with the Ideal Protein program.

“I had two children and after that, I sort of lost my way a little bit,” professes the 47-year-old insurance claims supervisor.
“I’d look in the mirror and think, Okay, that’s not too bad. Then one day, a friend of mine posted some pictures of me and her on the internet, and when I saw them, I thought, Oh my gosh! I had no idea I’d gotten so big.”
Shelley’s startling realization sparked a search for a diet program that would help her regain the look she was once so proud of. At first, she asked a few friends at work who had recently lost some weight what was working for them.
“Then one day, I was driving somewhere and saw this place,” the Lakeland resident explains. “I have to be honest. I really don’t know what it was that made me walk through the door that day. What I can tell you is that it was one of the best things I ever did.”
The door Shelley walked through that day was the entrance to the practice of Himagiri Ravi, MD, a weight loss management specialist who recently renamed her practice and moved it from Lakeland to Boynton Beach.
Now known as L.I.V. Medical Weight Loss & Aesthetics, Dr. Ravi’s practice focuses on improving each patient’s individual wellness through an array of services, including medically supervised weight loss, hormone replacement therapy and anti-aging treatments.

Safe, Effective

The weight loss program Dr. Ravi endorses is Ideal Protein®. A four-phase ketogenic weight loss and lifestyle program, Ideal Protein is designed to help patients lose weight safely and effectively while improving their health and vitality.
In addition to fostering better appetite control, improving blood sugar and cholesterol levels and reducing blood pressure counts, Ideal Protein also helps patients develop and maintain eating habits that become second nature to them.
Those goals are achieved through customized meal plans that help to burn stored fat and preserve lean muscle by emphasizing high-quality proteins that are easily absorbed and limiting the amount of sugars and dietary fats that are taken in.
“Most patients do like to eat protein more than carbs or sugars,” Dr. Ravi explains. “And with Ideal Protein, they can eat all kinds of proteins, including eggs, white fish, turkey and chicken, and they eat four ounces of whatever that protein is at each meal.
“They eat that in association with some vegetables and some selected fruits that they can also have as a snack. That gives the participant enough calories to make them feel as if their stomach is full, which helps them get through their day.”

“The program works. It really does, but I don’t know if I could have done it without Dr. Ravi.” – Shelley

Because the program removes most of the dairy, grains and a lot of fruits from their diet, Ideal Protein participants need to take a multivitamin and also potassium, fish oil and calcium supplements to ensure they receive an adequate amount of minerals each day.
Participants in the Ideal Protein Protocol are also encouraged to exercise regularly. To aid them in that endeavor, participants are given a booklet that shows them a variety of exercises that can be done to help them burn more calories.
“Some of the exercises can even be done while someone is sitting down and watching TV,” reports Dr. Ravi, who has been recommending Ideal Protein for patients looking to lose weight for more than a dozen years.
“It’s an active management of diet, exercise and healthy behavioral changes, and with the exception of the home exercises, everything is done in the office, including the initial blood work. Even the prescriptions are dispensed in our office.
“We’ve set it up so that the patient can just walk in and take the bag that he or she needs to go along with their weight loss program and go about their day. It’s a great program, and my patients have had lots of success with it.”

My Rock, My Angel

Shelley is one of those success stories. She says she struggled at first to stick to the diet limitations but that constant encouragement from Dr. Ravi helped her get through the transition period and into a habit of eating healthier.Before and after images courtesy of L.I.V. Medical Weight Loss & Aesthetics
“She explained to me that in order to rebuild your metabolism, you first have to break it down,” Shelley says. “That’s what you’re doing the first two weeks you’re on the program, and Dr. Ravi really helped me to understand portion size and things like that.
“She told me four ounces is about what you can fit in the palm of your hand, so I use that as a guide for that part of it. She also told me that you’re really not giving anything up on this program. You just can’t have some of those things every day.
“There was one time when I was really craving a baked potato, and she said, Okay, go ahead and have a baked potato. But you can only have half of it. Then, you can’t have one again for a month. That actually helped me a lot because it made sense to me.”
Combined with Dr. Ravi’s encouragement, the Ideal Protein program worked for Shelley. She says that when she first went to see Dr. Ravi, she was wearing a size 18 dress. Now that she’s graduated to the maintenance part of the program, she’s wearing a size 8 dress.
“I’m at a point now where, if I gain five pounds or something like that, I just get back on the program and remind myself, Protein, protein, protein,” Shelley says. “That’s happened a couple of times, and I’ve always lost the weight again because I know how to do it now.
“Through the Ideal Protein program and with Dr. Ravi’s help, I’ve learned how to eat right and eat healthy. I’ve also learned how a little bit of exercise can help you lose the weight and maintain the weight loss you’ve achieved.
“It’s a real simple program, and I really can’t say enough about Dr. Ravi and what a help she was to me through this. She was my rock, my angel on earth. The program works. It really does, but I don’t know if I could have done it without Dr. Ravi.”

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