An Ideal Solution

In addition to anti-aging treatments such as those utilized by Deepa, L.I.V. endorses a medical weight loss program known as Ideal Protein®. A four-phase ketogenic and lifestyle program, Ideal Protein is designed to help patients lose weight safely and effectively while improving their health and vitality.Deepa Saha dove into the facial aesthetic treatment pool by having a dermaplaning procedure done at L.I.V.

In addition to fostering better appetite control, improving blood sugar and cholesterol levels and reducing blood pressure counts, Ideal Protein also helps patients develop and maintain eating habits that become second nature to them.

Those goals are achieved through customized meal plans that help to burn stored fat and preserve lean muscle by emphasizing high-quality proteins that are easily absorbed and limiting the amount of sugars and dietary fats that are taken in.

“Most patients do like to eat protein more than carbs or sugars,” Dr. Ravi explains. “And with Ideal Protein, they can eat all kinds of proteins, including eggs, white fish, turkey and chicken, and they eat four ounces of whatever that protein is at each meal.

“They eat that in association with some vegetables and some selected fruits that they can also have as a snack. That gives the participant enough calories to make them feel as if their stomach is full, which helps them get through their day.”

Because the program removes most of the dairy, grains and a lot of fruits from their diet, Ideal Protein participants need to take a multivitamin and also potassium, fish oil and calcium supplements to ensure they receive an adequate amount of minerals each day.

Participants in the Ideal Protein Protocol are also encouraged to exercise regularly. To aid them in that endeavor, participants are given a booklet that shows them a variety of exercises that can be done to help them burn more calories.

“Some of the exercises can even be done while someone is sitting down and watching TV,” reports Dr. Ravi, who has been recommending Ideal Protein for patients looking to lose weight for more than a dozen years.

“It’s an active management of diet, exercise and healthy behavioral changes, and with the exception of the home exercises, everything is done in the office, including the initial blood work. Even the prescriptions are dispensed in our office.

“We’ve set it up so that the patient can just walk in and take the bag that he or she needs to go along with their weight loss program and go about their day. It’s a great program, and my patients have had lots of success with it.”

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