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Combination of Regenerative and Holistic therapies lead to healthy outcome.

The game of basketball has changed a lot since then-all-star guard Sara Lawson was running the point for the Buccaneers of Buckhannon, West Virginia’s Upshur High School some 60 years ago.

Sara Lawson has become a regular at The Root Cause Medical Clinic because the therapies offered there keep her healthy and active.

Dr. Axe created a special treatment regimen
that helps keep Sara active.

“I played back in the Fifties, when it was six girls to a team, half court was all you played, and you were only allowed two dribbles,” Sara recalls. “It was a different game then, but it was a great way to get good exercise.

“That’s something I’ve always been very conscious of. I’ve always been a very exercise-conscious and active person. Even now, I still do a lot to take care of myself physically. I’m very proactive that way.”

At 75 years of age and coming off recent right knee replacement surgery, that’s not easy. But Sara does it through a preventive care program designed by founder Jordan Axe, DC, of Axe Holistic Medicine, which has its offices in North Tampa, where it specializes in regenerative medicine, functional medicine, spinal rehabilitation and chiropractic care.

The goal of the staff at Axe Holistic Medicine is not to mask a patient’s symptoms with a one-size-fits-all approach to healing, but to find the root cause of each patient’s pain and discomfort and relieve it through customized care.

Dr. Axe and his staff took that approach with Sara when she first came into their practice a little more than year ago complaining of pain and discomfort in her left knee, which they initially treated with a combination of regenerative elements.

Preventive Care

“Everyone is looking for this magic cure, but we have found that one of the best ways to relieve a lot of people’s pain and discomfort is to put together a few things that tend to work very well together,” Dr. Axe explains.

“For example, we have some regenerative therapies such as joint injections that are made up of several elements such as growth factors, B vitamins and ozone, which is made of oxygen. All of these aid the body and give it the ability to regenerate itself.

“When you put all those proteins and growth factors together, they act like food for your joints because you’re giving your joints the proteins, vitamins and oxygen they need to regenerate and rebuild themselves.”

Just such a joint injection relieved Sara of a great deal of her discomfort. Since then, she has adopted a routine of chiropractic therapies designed to keep her from developing pain and discomfort throughout the rest of her body.

“I’ve always thought that we should take care of our bodies so that we don’t end up in pain,’’ Sara says. “I think that’s even more important for someone my age, and that’s sort of my goal when I go through my routine.

“I do a series of things using the different kinds of spinal rehab equipment they have at Axe Holistic Medicine, and when I go there, I usually start out with this thing called a wobble cushion to improvement movement and pain in my joints.”

After a few minutes with the wobble cushion, Sara moves on to a standing cervical traction device that is designed to restore the natural arc of the neck, rehydrate the cervical discs and loosen and stretch the muscles in the neck area.

The next step is a specific, chiropractic adjustment that’s based on Sara’s x-rays and exam. After that, she moves on to the vibration plate, which looks like a physician’s platform scale. By standing on it for a period of time, the vibration plate helps set the physical adjustment that has just been made to the body.

“The vibration plate was designed by NASA for astronauts who were losing bone density while they were in space, so increasing bone density is one of the three things it does, and it does a very good job of that,” Dr. Axe adds.

“A study done on post-menopausal women who were losing an average of one percent of their bone density a year showed that standing on the vibration plate for just five minutes a day helped them gain back that one percent of bone density by the following year.

“In addition to increasing bone density, the vibration plate also helps to increase circulation and stimulate the healing of joints. It’s one of the more valuable tools we have here.”

Working Wonders

Sara visits Axe Holistic Medicine about once a month and they include time on what Dr. Axe refers to as a flexion and distraction decompression table that decompresses discs in the back and neck, which allows them to rehydrate.

“The table creates a vacuum effect that allows nutrients and water to be sucked back into the disc, which is great for anyone with herniated discs or something of that nature,” explains Dr. Axe, whose practice also offers a variety of herbal remedies, including Traumeel® injections.

Traumeel is an anti-inflammatory solution comprised of a dozen botanical substances and one mineral substance. It can be taken as a supplement to combat the effects of arthritis, joint injury, sprain or contusion, but Dr. Axe prefers a more direct approach.

“If you take it as a supplement, very little actually makes it to the joint, ” Dr. Axe says. “But if you inject it directly into the joint, it goes to work right away, and it acts almost like an herbal or natural cortisone.

“The difference is that cortisone causes degeneration. Traumeel increases generation. So it’s like cortisone, only better because it’s regenerating instead of degenerating. And it can be injected into any joint or even into the feet and hands.”

The combination of regenerative joint injections and decompression therapies has worked wonders for Sara. The knee pain she had when she first visited Axe Holistic Medicine is long gone and she couldn’t be happier about it.

“I run an exercise class on Tuesdays and teach water aerobics on Wednesdays and Fridays, so I stay pretty active,” Sara says. “I wouldn’t be able to do all that if I didn’t do all that I do at Axe Holistic Medicine.

“That’s why I recommend them so highly and to so many people. I have a lot of people come up to me and ask me what I do to stay in such good health. I tell them it’s all the things I do at Axe Holistic Medicine and because I believe in those things.”

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