All the Comforts of Home

Short-term rehab center provides personalized care, home-like atmosphere.

The highly skilled staff at Abbiejean Russell Care Center has a knack for creating a warm, home-like environment for its residents – even when those residents feel most at home casting a line in the water the way Roy Burkhalter does.

Photo by Jordan Pysz.

Roy Burkhalter

After an eight-day hospital stay following quintuple bypass heart surgery, Roy, 71, made the move late this past May to Abbiejean Russell Care Center, where he was prescribed by his doctor to spend approximately two weeks recuperating and rehabilitating.
Not long after settling in at the privately owned and operated rehab center, Roy was out doing one of the free-time activities he most appreciates as part of the rehab regimen that allowed him to return home by the middle of June.
“I’m a fisherman and as part of my rehab, they took me outside a couple of times near the end of my stay and had me casting a reel sideways for about an hour or so,” Roy relates. “I think that’s an example of just how attentive they are.
“They really look after you closely at Abbiejean Russell and take good care of you. The physical therapy they do is exceptional. They really did a great job of preparing me to go home and pick up my lifestyle just as it was before the surgery.”

State-of-the-Art Rehabilitation

Roy is among the many who have benefitted from the spacious rehabilitation center at Abbiejean, where residents have access to state-of-the-art equipment, including the most advanced cycle therapy available today and the area’s only virtual-rehab system.
The motorized OmniCycle® system allows post-acute patients who still lack the strength, coordination and/or respiratory function to participate in a typical resistance-training program to reap the benefits of therapeutic exercise.
Designed to help residents regain a high level of physical functioning, the virtual-rehab system uses an advanced, three-dimensional camera and specialized computer software to track the patient’s precise movements while they interact in a virtual world.
The system includes a variety of skilled exercise programs for physical, occupational and speech therapy needs. Abbiejean also employs a full staff of licensed therapists who provide physical, occupational and speech therapy seven days a week.
During his stay at Abbiejean, Roy was given a rehabilitation program that, in addition to other exercise systems, included working out twice a day for approximately two hours on the OmniCycle and the virtual-rehab systems.
“When I first arrived, I still had not been given the okay by my doctor to do any lifting or pulling with my arms, so the therapists mostly had me walking around and lifting weights with my legs,” Roy reports. “They also had me working with my hands a lot.
“As I walked around, they would have me pick things up with a long, prong-like device. They also had me putting things together, like nuts and bolts, and throwing bean bags in a bucket while I was standing.
“Everything was geared toward regaining balance, strength and coordination, and I did very well. The therapists kept telling me how shocked they were that I was progressing so well. I just kept getting better and better, thanks to their help.”
Roy progressed so well that in addition to having the casting exercises added to his regimen, his doctor released him to return home after just 12 days. Roy says he would not have gone home that soon were it not for the care he received at Abbiejean.
“Everything about Abbiejean is exceptional,” Roy raves. “It’s an incredibly clean place; the rooms are very nice, the food is great and the nursing staff is tremendous. The care is just outstanding. I’d recommend it to anybody who needs such a facility. It’s the best there is.”

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