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Restored gumline and straighter teeth rebuild confidence.

At 38, Taby Rohm had crooked front teeth. They made her feel self-conscious, which affected how she smiled. Mostly, she tried to keep her teeth out of view by smiling through closed lips.Taby Rohm treated with Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique for receding gums and FASTBRACES® to straighten teeth by Nicholas G. Rendon, DDS, in Vero Beach.

A dental visit in her 20s, when she was living in Virginia, didn’t help her confidence.

“The dental hygienist looked in my mouth and said to me, You’re either an orthodontist’s dream or nightmare; I don’t know which,” Taby confides. “That really hurt my feelings. I almost didn’t want to go to a dentist anymore.”

Years later, she moved to Florida, fell in love and married. Her husband, Glen, had a dentist in Vero Beach whom he highly recommended and persuaded Taby to give him a try.

That’s when Taby first met Nicholas G. Rendon, DDS, and to her surprise began to enjoy dental visits. Dr. Rendon’s care also led to what Taby never imagined for herself: Healthy gums and straight teeth.

“The first time I went to see Dr. Rendon, I had pretty bad anxiety. I was open with him about how I felt, even though I was a little embarrassed,” recalls Taby.

She quickly sensed that she could feel at ease under Dr. Rendon’s care. And she liked the warm and friendly atmosphere of his office.

“Dr. Rendon has a way of making you feel very comfortable. He talks to you, he tells you what he’s doing and explains things. He’s just very personable and professional.”

The journey begins. . .

Taby’s initial appointment was devoted to a thorough examination of her mouth and teeth, along with x-rays and a dental cleaning. In later sessions, Dr. Rendon repaired her damaged back molar through a root canal and crown.

“I was nervous about the root canal because I’d never had one. But I’ve got to tell you, I felt nothing,” shares Taby. “It went really well.”

The cleaning and crown took care of her immediate dental needs. They were just the start of a transformation that would change how Taby felt about her teeth.

She had been concerned about the appearance of her mouth since childhood. Although naturally outgoing, she could be hindered when feeling embarrassed about her teeth and wondering if people were looking at them.

“It used to bother me if I thought people were noticing my teeth. I never liked to sing in front of people, not even family, because they would see my teeth. I didn’t want to open my mouth,” she explains.

In talking to Dr. Rendon, Taby told him about her top concerns about the health and appearance of her teeth. He created a treatment plan that could be completed in stages and offered options.

Taby was worried about her lower gumline. She had always been diligent about brushing and flossing, but the lower gum was receding.

Having crooked teeth made her more vulnerable to receding gums, and the roots of her bottom front teeth were exposed. The area seemed to be a magnet for plaque buildup, despite Taby’s careful flossing.

She and Dr. Rendon discussed that she might need gum surgery to protect her lower teeth.

Exposed tooth roots are susceptible to cavities and decay. Gaps between the teeth and gumline can also cause pockets to form. Pockets can be a breeding ground for bacteria that cause gum infections, which in turn can threaten bone structure and lead to tooth loss.

When Dr. Rendon told Taby about a minimally invasive procedure for gum rejuvenation, she was eager to proceed. Called Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique, or PST™, the treatment can transform gums in a single visit.

Unlike traditional gum grafts, PST restores the gumline without cutting or stitching. As Taby discovered, the breakthrough treatment is essentially pain free. It requires only a tiny, pinhole incision, where a small, specialized dental instrument is inserted to move gum tissue and apply tissue-boosting collagen strips.

“Dr. Rendon was right – there wasn’t any discomfort with this procedure,” says Taby.

She is still marveling about the results. “It’s amazing. I have absolutely zero gum recession in my mouth now,” she shares. “I don’t worry about losing my teeth anymore.”

Next, straight teeth

The next step for Taby was straightening her teeth. However, at age 38, she was hesitant about wearing braces simply because of how long she would need them. For Taby, traditional braces would take three years to make her teeth straight. She couldn’t see herself in braces for that amount of time.

Taby Rohm treated with Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique for receding gums and FASTBRACES® to straighten teeth by Nicholas G. Rendon, DDS, in Vero Beach.


Fortunately, Dr. Rendon was able to offer her a dramatically faster alternative that could give her a beautiful result in far less time. It’s called FASTBRACES® and straightens teeth for some patients within five to seven months and most always in less than a year.

FASTBRACES was created by an orthodontist and simplifies how braces straighten teeth. Traditional braces straighten crooked teeth in two phases: First, the teeth are moved into a straighter position; then, the roots of the teeth are realigned. FASTBRACES completes both processes simultaneously in a single phase.

Taby has worn FASTBRACES for less than six months, and the results are already evident. Her teeth are straight. The braces will be ready to come off in only a few more months.

“I showed off my gum surgery to everybody because I was so proud of the results. But now, I’m even more proud. You wouldn’t think they are the same teeth!” she exclaims. “I’m absolutely more confident talking to people now. I’m not self-conscious and don’t worry about whether someone is looking at my teeth.

“My husband even mentioned that I act differently. When you have crooked teeth, you get food stuck in them all the time. I used to ask him, Do I have anything on my teeth? He’s noticed I don’t do that anymore.”

Helping people like Taby feel happy about their smiles is gratifying for Dr. Rendon.

“A transformed smile really can do a lot. It can boost self-esteem and confidence. It can be life-changing – people come out of their shells,” he relates. “As a dentist, it really makes me feel good when someone says, Thanks, that’s awesome. I really love the way my teeth look.”

Taby says she appreciates Dr. Rendon’s knowledge and skill. “I never thought I would have such good teeth, and I owe it all to Dr. Rendon,” she marvels.

And she is grateful that the skilled dentist and his staff helped her feel confident and comfortable as she underwent the treatments that have made such a difference.

“Dr. Rendon and everyone in his office always, always listens to me, which is very important,” she remarks. “I say that I have ‘forever teeth’ now. If I hadn’t done these things, I might have lost my teeth eventually. But I’m going to have healthy teeth that look good for the rest of my life, thanks to Dr. Rendon.”

FHCN article by Susan Hemmingway. Photo by Nerissa Johnson. Before image courtesy of Nicholas G. Rendon.
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