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A firehouse in a small village just outside of Troy, New York is among the many structures Arthur Herman built before he turned his general contracting business over to his son and retired to Florida in 1990.

Now 85, Arthur remains quite active. In addition to looking after the four apartments he rents out, he spends a good part of his summers back home, helping his son run the family business. It was during one of those visits that a major dental issue arose.

Arthur Herman reaped the benefits of Dr. Patel’s expertise.

Arthur Herman & Trouper

“It was a year ago this past August,” Arthur explains. “We were having a party at my son’s house, and I don’t even remember what I was eating at the time, but my bottom front teeth, three of them, just broke off.”

Arthur’s sudden mishap prompted an emergency trip the very next day to a nearby dentist, who pulled what was left of the three broken teeth as well as two others nearby and created a bridge for Arthur that soon proved to be a problem all its own.

“The partial plate he made was made of metal, and it never really fit all that well,” Arthur relates. “It was aggravating, and of course I had to take it out and clean it all the time, and one day while cleaning it, the thing just broke in half.

“A few days later, a friend of mine was over to my place, and we were talking about this broken bridge and the fact the dentist that I’d seen up north said I needed to go back and get the rest of my lower teeth pulled out.

“Well, finally, this friend of mine says to me, You know what, Art? My aunt recently went to see a dentist who works right around here, and she said he was the best dentist she ever saw in her life. Maybe you should go see him.”

Better Than Expected

The dentist Arthur was referred to is Rajiv Patel, BDS, a board-certified implantologist who founded DeLand Implant Dentistry and vows to deliver advanced, personalized and comprehensive care to his patients in a comfortable, relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Acting on their friend’s advice, Arthur’s wife called Dr. Patel’s office the next day and made an appointment for Arthur, who soon learned that his dental problems weren’t quite as dire as he’d been led to believe.

“When Arthur first came to me, he explained everything that had happened to him during his visit and that the dentist there had already made a lower denture for him in anticipation of Arthur returning to have the rest of his lower teeth removed,” Dr. Patel informs.

“But just as I do with every new patient, I started with Arthur by first doing a comprehensive evaluation of the entire structure of his mouth, meaning the jaw bones, the joints, the soft tissue and oral cavities – everything.”

What Dr. Patel’s detailed exam revealed was that the remaining lower teeth that Arthur’s previous dentist planned to remove were in fact very healthy, could be easily maintained and that removal was completely unnecessary.

The exam also revealed that Arthur had previously received two dental implants on the upper right side where some teeth had been lost and that the area around his lower jaw where he was now missing teeth was strong enough to support implants.

That led Dr. Patel to conclude that the best way to correct the problem with Arthur’s missing lower teeth was not with a new removable partial, such as the one he was initially fit with, but with an implant-supported fixed bridge.

“For many patients, a denture for the lower arch is not the best option, because lower dentures are very unpredictable,” Dr. Patel explains. “Not only that, but a lot of people have trouble getting used to the removal of them and the care. That’s why I recommended the implant-supported restoration.”

A Perfect Fit

Dental implants are titanium, root-shaped, screw-like bodies that are surgically placed into the jawbone. A single implant supports an abutment and a crown that is attached to the implant, creating a new tooth. Two or more implants can support a fixed bridge.

Once they’re placed into the jawbone, dental implants typically require between four and six months to heal. It is at that point that the abutment and crown can be added. During the waiting period, patients typically wear temporary crowns or a bridge.

Depending on how long the teeth have been missing, some patients may have to undergo a bone-grafting procedure to ensure they have enough bone to support the implants. Because he had only recently lost his teeth, Arthur did not require any grafting.

“He was one of those patients who has an abundance of bone there,” Dr. Patel confirms. “His biggest concern was function, which is why I recommended the implant-supported bridge, because the function is much better.

“Dentures definitely hinder the chewing ability. In fact, function drops significantly with removable dentures, and Arthur’s a big guy who needs a lot of chewing power, so the implant-supported bridge was best for him.”

Acting on Dr. Patel’s recommendation, Arthur opted for the implant-supported bridge. In accordance with that decision, Dr. Patel fit five implants into the front and left side of Arthur’s lower arch as the support system for what would be a nine-tooth fixed bridge.

Dr. Patel didn’t stop there. He also created a new bridge for the two implants Arthur previously received in his upper right arch. Arthur received that new bridge during the summer of 2018. A few months later, in December, he received his new lower bridge.

“I can’t believe how good this new lower bridge fits,” Arthur exudes. “It’s just perfect. And it didn’t take
Dr. Patel any more than a few minutes to fit in there and make sure everything was right with it. Now, I can eat anything I like, and my teeth look great.

“I definitely made the right decision getting the implant-supported bridge. It’s the best way to go. And I definitely made the right decision going to see Dr. Patel. I really enjoy his work, and his manner with his patients is great.

“He made me feel comfortable, and he was able to do everything I needed right there in one office. He did the exams and the implants and gave me these new bridges. I couldn’t be happier. He’s a great dentist.”

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