Accidental Damage

Stem cell therapy regenerates worn, injured joints.

As area director for Audi of America for the South Florida market, Philippe Bauduc is the face of the Audi brand to auto dealers from Stuart to Miami. He also services a dealership in Puerto Rico. It’s a big area and a huge responsibility, but Philippe loves his job.

Philippe’s photo courtesy of Back in Action.

Philippe Bauduc

“I always wanted to be in the car business,” he says. “I was able to get my foot in the door back in 1999 with the Volkswagen Group, and I’ve been with the company in various roles ever since. It’ll be twenty years in September.

“I’ve moved with the company three times – first from Detroit, Michigan to Atlanta, Georgia, then from Atlanta to Richmond, Virginia. About seven years ago, the job took me from Richmond to South Florida, where I currently live. I was actually born in Jacksonville but lived from eighth grade through college in Michigan.”

It was after he made the move to Florida that Philippe suffered a setback due to a nasty fall that severely damaged his left shoulder.

“I slipped walking onto a boat and fell between the dock and the boat,” Philippe describes. “I caught myself on the dock, and all my weight came down on my shoulder, popping it out of its socket completely.

“A doctor at the hospital popped my shoulder back into place, but an MRI showed I suffered a labrum tear. I met with an orthopedic surgeon for advice in terms of whether to undergo surgery, and the treatment was surgery if I wanted to progress.”

Concerned not only with the surgery itself but with the lengthy recovery associated with it, Philippe sought a second opinion, and for that second opinion he visited Back in Action Medical Center, a Palm City-based chiropractic and wellness facility he had visited previously.

It was there that Philippe learned about stem cell therapy, a nonsurgical, outpatient procedure that would allow his shoulder to regenerate naturally. After contemplating this leading-edge treatment for arthritic and damaged joints, he decided to give it a try.

Rejuvenating Factors

“Stem cells are the building blocks of the body,” says Edward W. Pearson, MD, a board-certified integrative physician who practices functional and holistic medicine at Back In Action Medical Center, which specializes in stem cell therapy.

“When people are conceived, stem cells are the first cells that are created. These cells can then differentiate and become almost any other type of cell in the body and regenerate tissue. We use them as a therapy to treat arthritis and other conditions. We call it regenerative medicine.”

Stem cells have been a topic of conversation for at least ten years, Dr. Pearson relates. At the beginning of that conversation, there was intense debate because the main source of stem cells was unused fetal tissue, including that from abortions. That’s not the case today.

“Scientists have learned over the years how to harvest stem cells from the material that’s left over after a baby is born, such as the amniotic tissue, placenta and umbilical cord,” Dr. Pearson reports. “Once the lab harvests that incredible cell material, they purify it, sanitize it and make sure it’s safe to use for treatment.

“There’s actually more than stem cells in the products we use for therapy. There are also growth factors that tell the body to regenerate; cytokines, which are important signaling compounds; and other rejuvenating substances. These factors are incredibly useful for treating people’s ailments.”

There are various applications for stem cells, but Dr. Pearson and his staff at Back In Action Medical Center use them primarily to treat arthritic or injured joints. This is done to regenerate worn-down cartilage and repair damage to soft tissues such as ligaments and tendons.

“Often, people with painful joints try several medications and cortisone injections to alleviate pain,” Dr. Pearson asserts. “With our therapy, we inject those amazing substances – stem cells, growth factors and cytokines – which are all natural. They’re not synthetic and toxic like cortisone. And they don’t just regenerate the joint; they also have an incredible impact on inflammation, which results in pain relief.

“There are many people suffering from severe arthritis or an injury to a joint who have been told they need joint replacement or another surgery. And when they’re done well, those surgeries can be extremely effective. But they have many risks and long recovery periods.

“We’re finding that by using stem cell therapy, surgery can be significantly delayed or avoided completely. And people who have had pain in their joints for years are finding themselves pain free after they receive the stem cell injections. Their pain goes away, their joint function returns and they’re able to be active without hurting.”

Philippe received his stem cell injection at Back In Action Medical Center in late February. Shortly afterward, he began the rehabilitation process on his shoulder.

“I started out with rubber band, isometric-type shoulder exercises,” he notes. “Then, I slowly progressed to getting back into the gym and introducing light weights and different movements.

“The staff at Back In Action Medical Center told me my shoulder rehab would take six to eight weeks, and they were right. By the eighth week, my shoulder was pretty darn close to one hundred percent.”

Falling Out of Place

Joan DiMartino’s career as a corporate tax manager began by accident. On the day of her job interview, she intended to go into a personnel agency, but she went through the wrong door and entered a CPA firm instead.

Joan’s photo courtesy of Joan DiMartino.

Joan DiMartino

“I said, I’m here for my nine o’clock interview,” the Indiana native remembers. “The man said, I have the interview scheduled for one o’clock, but I can take you now. Afterward, he said, Are you the girl from Gary Business College? I said, No. Is this the stenographer position for the bank? And he said, No.

“We both laughed, and he said he liked my sense of humor and asked if I could work overtime. When I told him I could, he said, I’m going to train you in everything about owning and operating a CPA firm and gave me the job. After ten years, I went to college while I worked and got my MBA, then I got my license with the IRS. I’ve been doing that job for forty-five years now, so it all worked out.”

That is until last October, when Joan suddenly experienced a setback. She and her husband were involved in a multi-car accident while en route to the airport. The couple was hit from behind after stopping for collisions that occurred ahead of them. The accident left Joan with a neck injury.

“At first, I just felt a little off,” Joan describes. “But when I got home and tried to pick up my dog, I couldn’t. I started feeling terrible pain and pinching in my neck. My shoulder hurt, my arm hurt and there was numbness. I also experienced headaches and was uncomfortable sleeping. I couldn’t find a good position because my neck hurt.

“Things I took for granted were painful. It hurt to turn my head to the right and left and up and down. I had trouble with simple tasks such as parking the car and looking down to write checks or look into my purse. Putting on body lotion or makeup required moving my head, which aggravated the pain. I couldn’t blow dry my hair, and I couldn’t get hot water on my back or neck because it made the pain worse.”

Joan’s pain continued to intensify and interfere with her everyday activities. She finally decided to seek treatment in the hope of finding pain relief and increased mobility in her neck.

“I went for regular chiropractic treatments for about six months, but I plateaued in my healing,” she relates. “My neck felt a little better, but not significantly. Then, I was advised by a neurosurgeon to have neck surgery because I had so much pain.

“My husband knew of Back In Action Medical Center, so I decided to try their stem cell therapy instead of steroid injections and surgery. I wanted to put that off as long as I could.”

Open Road

Joan underwent stem cell therapy on May 15, 2019, and she’s extremely pleased with the results she’s experienced in the weeks since.

“I’ve seen a big change,” she enthuses. “Almost all the range of motion in my neck has returned, and I’m able to move my head left and right without pain. Right now, I’m about ninety percent healed, which is fantastic compared to where I was before the injection.

“I’m grateful that I found Back In Action Medical Center, and I no longer have the pain and inflammation in my neck. Now, I’m able to do almost everything I did before the accident. If my condition ever returns, I’ll definitely go back to Back In Action Medical Center and do stem cell therapy again to avoid surgery.”

Philippe is also pleased with the outcome of his therapy and rehabilitation.

“I couldn’t be happier,” he raves. “The mobility in my shoulder is now one hundred percent, and my strength is back. I don’t have any pain, and my shoulder doesn’t feel like it’s going to give out. I’m back to the gym working out full-time, except for a few overhead, weighted exercises I avoid. But I can do pull-ups, and I didn’t think I’d ever do pull-ups again.

“Stem cell therapy definitely put me on the road to recovery and helped repair my shoulder injury. The procedure, the process and the team at Back In Action Medical Center were fantastic in getting me on that road and back to one hundred percent.”

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