A Winning Team

This staff can tackle any dental care issue.

When board-certified implantologist Rajiv Patel, BDS, first began practicing dentistry more than three decades ago, he made a vow to deliver advanced, personalized and comprehensive care to his patients in a comfortable, relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Dr. Patel’s staff may be small, but it’s dedicated and skilled, and it can tackle any dental care issue.

With the late Dr. Darshan Patel watching over them (in wall photo), the staff of DeLand Implant Dentistry from left to right: Laura Fernandez, Cathy Johnson, Dr. Rajiv Patel, Rita Patel and Amanda Kiser

He achieves that objective daily at DeLand Implant Dentistry, where Dr. Patel and his highly trained staff of dedicated professionals perform all aspects of dentistry in one place with the aid of the most advanced diagnostic and treatment equipment available.

“Our belief is that a beautiful smile set off by healthy teeth and gums is a great asset that can make a positive difference in the confidence and self-esteem of any person,” Dr. Patel reveals. “That is what we strive to deliver here.”

Dr. Patel’s objective is a big one, yet he achieves it consistently, thanks to a team approach that has helped forge a family atmosphere where new and established patients alike are made to feel comfortable and cared for.

“We want our patients to feel like they’re part of our family because we don’t expect to see them just once,” says scheduling coordinator Cathy Johnson. “We intend to make a lifetime commitment to them, and we hope they’ll make a lifetime commitment to us.

“That’s why getting to know the patients and making them feel comfortable is one of the things we really pride ourselves on, and that begins with me. I’m usually the first person a patient sees or talks with. The first impression we make on them is important.

“That’s why our waiting room is always so neat and picked up. It’s spotless, and we get a lot of compliments on that. We also get a lot of compliments on how welcoming and friendly we are, but that’s how we are as a staff.

“Everyone gets along extremely well, and that’s because we’re all working toward the same goal. Our job is to help our patients, and we all work together to make that happen, whether it’s a patient we see regularly, a new patient or someone with an emergency.”

Best Comprehensive Care

Patients with emergencies are taken in immediately whenever possible at DeLand Implant Dentistry, Cathy says. Those who cannot be accepted immediately are given temporary care instructions to help them feel more comfortable until they can see the dentist.

Once a patient does see Dr. Patel, they receive the best and most comprehensive care possible, thanks in part to the vast array of state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment equipment that DeLand Implant Dentistry has at its disposal.

Those tools include digital x-rays, cone beam CT scanner, simplant software for implant planning, a 3-D scanner that creates digital impressions of a patient’s mouth rather than using plaster impressions, a computer-aided-design machine that creates crowns on the spot and a CO2 laser that allows for cleaner, more precise cuts during oral surgeries.

These tools and the others available to Dr. Patel allow for fewer and much shorter dental appointments and give Dr. Patel and his staff the ability to perform virtually any dental treatment a patient might need.

“We can perform everything from basic diagnostic procedures and routine prophylactic cleanings to minor restorative procedures such as fillings and major restorative procedures such as crowns and bridges,” Dr. Patel reports.

“We also provide prosthetic services, including partial dentures and complete dentures, and all endodontic services, including root canals, oral surgeries and all kinds of extractions, including wisdom tooth extractions.

“We perform major bone and soft tissue reconstructive surgeries, including implant placement surgeries and final prosthetic work for implants, whether it’s a crown, a bridge or an implant-retained or implant-supported denture.

“We even have the equipment necessary to diagnose temporomandibular joint, also known as TMJ condition, if a patient has one and the ability to provide basic conservative treatments for that. There is virtually nothing we can’t do.

Promoting Prevention

A big part of any dental practice’s objective, of course, is to help patients prevent the development of dental issues. At DeLand Implant Dentistry, that is the primary job of dental hygienist Amanda Kiser.

“I am on the prevention end of the operation,” Amanda confirms. “I typically see patients every three to six months and look for gum disease and any indications of early cavities, fractures, oral cancers or tooth loss.

“It’s also my job to help patients find the appropriate tools to achieve and sustain optimal oral health. And we do that on a patient-to-patient basis, which means every appointment will be a little different based on the patient’s needs.”

One thing that remains universal, Amanda says, is the basic approach people can take daily toward maintaining or eventually achieving good oral health.

“Obviously, you want to brush at least twice a day and floss at least once a day, and the best time to floss is before bedtime,” Amanda educates. “What can be different are the tools that each patient uses to accomplish those tasks.

“Every patient has a preference on toothbrush, floss and mouth rinse, and it’s important to figure out what works for each patient so they can maintain the best oral care possible. There is no one size fits all – not with the appointment, not with the tools we recommend.

“It’s all very personalized, and I think that’s an area where we excel because we are given the time to figure out what patients are doing at home and go over their brushing and flossing habits and look at ways we can tweak them to make them better.

“I believe that when you do that, you gain the patient’s trust, and that’s when you get compliance with your patients. And when you get compliance, that’s when the patients get results, and it eventually comes full circle and makes the practice better.”

Amanda says another one of the things that makes DeLand Implant Dentistry better than most practices is the camaraderie among the staff members. She says that stems from the way Dr. Patel treats his staff members as equals.

“We all work wonderfully together, and I can speak for myself as well as everybody else in saying that part of the reason for that is that Dr. Patel values us,” she says. “When you’re valued as an employee, you’re more motivated to work harder every day for each patient. That’s exactly what we do here.

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