A Terrific Trio

Three-treatment combination nets dramatic results.

Karen Farrell has been brokering real estate in Florida for 14 years. Showing properties requires a lot of time on her feet, and after a while, she started paying a price. Both of her legs began to throb uncomfortably, and she developed an unsightly cluster of varicose veins on her left leg.

Photo by Jordan Pysz.

Karen can comfortably show her properties now.

“The veins were dark blue and swollen, and they wrapped around the whole back of my calf at my knee,” describes the native of the Maryland-Delaware Delmarva Peninsula. “They came around to the front a little as well. Both legs would ache at times, but the varicose veins on my left leg were really bothering me.

“My legs look a whole lot better than they used to, like night and day.” – Karen

“Over time, it seemed like the condition of my legs was getting worse. I knew that wasn’t a good thing, so I thought I’d better have them checked out.”
Karen researched qualified providers and discovered Vein Treatment Center of Palm Coast and its physicians, Charles I. Stein, MD, and N. John Collucci, DO. She made an appointment to find out what the problem in her legs was and what could be done about it.
When Karen first arrived at Vein Treatment Center, she underwent an ultrasound exam on her legs. The results showed the tiny valves that help move blood back up toward the heart were not functioning properly. This was causing blood to pool in her legs and her veins to enlarge. The condition is called venous reflux disease.

Advanced Technique

“At Vein Treatment Center, we are dedicated exclusively to vein treatment and have advanced techniques available to address the potentially serious health concerns associated with venous reflux,” stresses Dr. Collucci. “We’re able to provide dramatic success stories for our patients, both cosmetically and functionally.”
Depending on the severity of the vein condition, Dr. Stein and Dr. Collucci may suggest a minimally invasive endovascular laser treatment (EVLT), ambulatory phlebectomy or an ultrasound-guided chemical ablation procedure. The doctors used all three procedures when treating Karen’s legs.

Before and after images courtesy of Vein Treatment Center of Palm Coast.

Karen Farrell’s Before and After

During EVLT, a high-energy laser directs heat into the affected veins, which seal shut within a week and are slowly absorbed by the body. Ambulatory phlebectomy removes diseased veins on the leg’s surface through tiny incisions. Chemical ablation uses injections of a chemical solution to close smaller veins.
That trio of treatments worked wonders for Karen.
“My legs look a whole lot better than they used to, like night and day,” she marvels. “I’m a lot less self-conscious. My legs don’t ache anymore, either. I’m very, very pleased. Dr. Stein and Dr. Collucci were great. They were personable, understanding, approachable and available. My experience at Vein Treatment Center was excellent!”

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