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  1. Patients with experience choose this Deltona imaging center.

Jay Hauck, an Illinois native, moved to Florida with his family when he was six years old. He is now 65, and during those years in between, he’s had his share of medical concerns.

Jay Hauck uses the services at LAD imaging in Deltona for various x-rays and scans.

Jay is happy he has a great place to go for his regular imaging exams.

For instance, Jay’s been in multiple car accidents and had several back surgeries. He was even hit by a car while walking in a parking lot. He’s also battled skin cancer for close to 40 years and has been treated by many physicians at many facilities. One facility stands out in his mind as exceptional. It’s LAD imaging in Deltona.

“I’ve been associated with LAD imaging for more than fifteen years,” states Jay. “Years ago, my doctor referred me to them after the first of many auto accidents. I needed to have some imaging done, so I went to LAD imaging for an MRI.

“Over the years, I’ve had many MRIs and chest x-rays, and quite a few CT scans as well. When I was first diagnosed with stage three skin cancer, my doctor sent me for a number of tests. Most of them were done at LAD imaging.”

Part of LAD imaging’s vision is to create a pleasant, convenient experience for their patients. Every time Jay goes to LAD imaging, he sees that vision in action, especially in the attitude of the staff.

“The people who do the scans are very professional,” he describes. “They put me at ease. The technologists are very knowledgeable, caring and compassionate. When I have to get an injection for a test, they always make sure I’m comfortable. They go above and beyond.

“When a person is going through cancer or has just had an auto accident, that can be a very trying time. LAD imaging is really a nice place for them to go.”

Having had so many medical issues to contend with, Jay has been to other facilities as well as LAD imaging. To him, the others don’t compare.

“I had some scans done at another imaging center, but I didn’t have as pleasant an experience there,” he confirms. “The atmosphere was different, and I didn’t get treated the same way I do at LAD imaging. It was a very different kind of experience.”

Relaxing Environment

LAD imaging is fully accredited and serves its community with a wide range of diagnostic imaging tests. These include digital x-rays, computed tomography (CT), high-field MRI and magnetic resonance angiography (MRA), ultrasound (including four-dimensional OB images), vascular studies, echocardiograms, bone density testing and digital mammography.

“Several factors are important when you select an imaging center,” says Barbara Borden, RT, interim center director. “The quality of the imaging equipment used to gather images, the skill of the technologists using that equipment, the skill of the radiologists who read and interpret the images and the standards of patient care observed by the imaging center’s staff are all important elements in determining which imaging center can best meet your needs.

“We’ve been serving the community for more than forty years, and we’ve established relationships with our patients. We are American College of Radiology accredited (ACR.org) for all the modalities that they accredit. That includes MRI, CT, ultrasound and mammography.”

As an independent imaging center, LAD imaging has only one mission: to acquire high-quality diagnostic images with accurate interpretations so doctors have the best diagnostic information available when designing a treatment plan. As an outpatient center, patients are not subjected to the delays that can confound them at hospitals, which have many departments and must accommodate emergencies before they perform tests for patients, even those with scheduled appointments.

“Rarely do you run into a situation where you go into an office and they get you in when you’re scheduled, the staff is pleasant and the surroundings are relaxing,” comments Jay. “Everyone I work with at LAD imaging is friendly. It’s really a pleasant experience when I go in there. I only have positive things to say about them.”

Often, when patients are referred for diagnostic testing, they are unsure and concerned about what the tests might reveal. In order to present a calming influence, LAD imaging offers a comforting and inviting environment for patients.

“The atmosphere that we provide is warm and welcoming,” notes Barbara. “The goal when the center was built was to create an environment that was a departure from the clinical setting you find in medical facilities.”

“The first thing you see when you walk into LAD imaging is a very large aquarium, which is very pleasant to look at,” observes Jay. “You can watch it while you’re sitting in the waiting room. It’s nice to see the water and the fish swimming around and hear the sound of the bubbles. It’s very relaxing.”

The radiologists at LAD imaging are available to answer questions or to discuss cases with referring physicians. If there’s a finding that is a concern, the radiologist will immediately reach out to the referring physician.

“Sometimes, even before the patient leaves, there have already been discussions about what the referring physician wants the patient to do; for example, do they want the patient to call them right away or go directly back to the practice?” explains Barbara. “If we need to have additional communication with the doctor to make sure the patient’s care is expedited, we will absolutely do that. We are active participants in every patient’s care.”Jay Hauck uses the services at LAD imaging in Deltona for various x-rays and scans.

LAD imaging also creates discs containing the scans for the referring physicians, if requested. This way, they can see the actual images instead of just reading reports. The physicians can magnify or adjust the contrast of specific areas on the images so they are more clearly visible.

Ongoing Excellence

Unfortunately, Jay’s skin cancer has continued to afflict him. In 2010, he was diagnosed with stage four cancer, and now he gets an MRI or CT scan every three months. He’s happy he can go to LAD imaging to have the tests done.

“LAD imaging is welcoming and calming,” he says. “You don’t often find an entire office, including the doctors and everyone who works there, that is that way. It’s kind of rare.

“I certainly recommend them, and I already have. My wife has gone there for her bone density tests and mammograms, and she’s had excellent encounters. Other people have gone and said the same thing.

“For me, going to LAD imaging is a positive experience.”

FHCN article by Patti DiPanfilo. Photo courtesy of Jay Hauck. mkb
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