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  • Count on Compression

    Edition: Lee County, Published: Spring 2019

    Compression pump effectively reduces swelling.

    Swollen legs are nothing new to Martina*, 72. She’s had them for nearly 50 years. It’s a problem that started when she had her second child. She went to numerous doctors and tried various treatments over the years but found little relief. “I’m on diuretics and have been for a very long time,” Martina shares. “I tried compression hose, which really didn’t do anything. I still had swelling and discomfort, which rated a nine on a scale of one to ten.” One of the causes of Martina’s leg problem is a condition called venous insufficiency. This occurs when the tiny valves in the leg veins that keep blood flowing in one direction – toward the heart – begin to fail. As a result...

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  • In Denial?

    Edition: Lee County, Published: Spring 2019

    Hearing aids provide positive, life-changing experience.

    During the 35 years he spent installing and repairing fire suppression systems in and around his hometown of Chicago, Illinois, Scott Simon seldom if ever experienced a “quiet day’’ at work. Wherever Scott worked, it was always loud. Very loud. Scott Simon “I worked at a lot of different places but mostly in steel mills, and when they’d blow those kettles open and pour all that molten steel out, it was very, very loud,” says Scott, 69. “I dealt with that every day all my working life.” He’s paid a price for it, too. Now retired and living in Fort Myers with his wife, a retired school teacher for the deaf and hard of hearing, Scott began losing the ability to ...

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  • Vial of LIFE

    Edition: Brevard County, Published: Spring 2019

    Assisted living community joins coalition seeking better health care transitions.

    The last thing anyone who has visited a hospital for medical care wants to do is return to the hospital soon after their discharge for further care. Far too often, though, that is exactly what happens. Across Florida last year, four out of ten people who visited an emergency room returned to the hospital within a week of their visit, according to statistics for Medicare beneficiaries compiled by the Health Services Advisory Group. “That’s a big number, and that’s just from hospitals,” says Heidi Kuchenbacker, executive director at Hibiscus Court of Melbourne Assisted Living and Memory Care Community. “That’s a scary number.” Brevard Commu...

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  • The TMS Era

    Edition: Brandon/Sun City Center, Published: Spring 2019

    Mag Vita TMS Therapy Sparking a new era in the treatment of depression, TMS therapy was developed in the 1980s when a researcher at the University of South Carolina learned that magnetic pulses can stimulate the part of the brain that is underactive in people with depression. The Food and Drug Administration approved the noninvasive therapy in 2008 for patients who have not responded favorably to traditional treatments such as talk therapy and antidepressants, as well as those who cannot tolerate the side effects of antidepressants. “Sadly, after someone has tried three antidepressants, there is only a seven percent chance they will get well by trying a fourth,” Dr. Kawliche educates. “Those are really miserable odds. TMS more than ...

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  • On the Fast Track

    Edition: Brandon/Sun City Center, Published: Spring 2019

    “Express TMS” treatments ease anxiety, depression.

    After working for more than a decade in the technical support field for a variety of different companies, Brian Covins ventured out on his own a few years ago and became a one-man Geek Squad®, creating the company he now calls Lighthouse Computer Services. “I mainly go around to homes and small businesses and do computer maintenance and troubleshoot any problems people might have,” Brian says. “I teach them about any changes that have been made in their systems, clean up viruses, that sort of thing.” Brian says he can feel the effects of TBS treatmentseven as he receives them. Brian, 47, uses his tech support company to supplement his income, a portion of which comes from th...

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  • Opioid Independence

    Edition: Brandon/Sun City Center, Published: Spring 2019

    Break free from narcotics with medical marijuana.

    Ten years ago, after getting out of the Army, Nicole Ensminger was in a world of hurt. She felt pain in her feet, shins, knees, neck and nearly everywhere else. She wondered if the physical demands of her military service overstressed her body and led to her painful circumstances. Nicole says that in addition to having less pain, she feels stronger, mentally and physically. “I saw doctors and got a CT scan,” Nicole recalls. “I found out I had a few residual injuries and some arthritis. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and autoimmune thyroid disease, which made my pain worse. I also had a few vertebrae in my neck that were really bad. “All that left me in chronic pain. It fe...

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  • Sit Back and Relax

    Edition: The Villages, Published: Spring 2019

    Noninvasive, drug-free magnetic therapy relieves stress and anxiety.

    Running your own business can be a stressful and worrisome venture. As Steven* can tell you, it’s even more stressful and worrisome when that business is a start-up and you’re a single father raising two young girls. Peter DeSimone “When you’re out there on your own trying to make things happen, you worry all the time about having enough clients and keeping them happy and things like that,’’ says Steven, a systems analyst who opened his own company a little more than two years ago. “Now throw in the fact that it’s not just me that’s depending on this business working and the fact that the girls have a lot going on. One’s into dance, the other...

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  • All Together Now

    Edition: New Tampa/Central Pasco County, Published: Spring 2019

    Combination of Regenerative and Holistic therapies lead to healthy outcome.

    The game of basketball has changed a lot since then-all-star guard Sara Lawson was running the point for the Buccaneers of Buckhannon, West Virginia’s Upshur High School some 60 years ago. Dr. Axe created a special treatment regimenthat helps keep Sara active. “I played back in the Fifties, when it was six girls to a team, half court was all you played, and you were only allowed two dribbles,” Sara recalls. “It was a different game then, but it was a great way to get good exercise. “That’s something I’ve always been very conscious of. I’ve always been a very exercise-conscious and active person. Even now, I still do a lot to take care of my...

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  • Single-Day Smiles

    Edition: East Citrus County, Published: Spring 2019

    Entire arches restored in one visit.

    When Ron Tyrie, 63, was a child living in his hometown of Lafayette, Indiana, he had several bad experiences with his family’s dentist. Those experiences left him reluctant to seek dental care as he got older, and the health of his teeth suffered as a result. Ron is one of many patients to take advantage of the All in a Day Teeth process. So did his smile. “I never had great teeth, and I really didn’t take good care of them like I should have, so they were in pretty bad shape,” Ron admits. “It got so bad I was uncomfortable with my smile. I didn’t show my teeth when I smiled or talked. “My parents moved our family to Florida when I was fourteen, and as an adult, I finally found a...

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