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  • Out with the Old, In with the New

    Edition: Charlotte County, Published: Winter 2020 2020

    Leading-edge replacement procedure corrects painful joint condition.

    For more than 30 years, Chris Hill was at the forefront of the effort to provide clean drinking water to residents in and around the state of Florida. Were it not for his aching knees, the 64-year-old might still be at the forefront of that effort even today. Chris says he was “lucky” to have foundAdvanced Orthopedic Center. “I had been self-employed since 1988 as a mechanical contractor,” Chris explains. “I designed, built, operated and serviced reverse osmosis water treatment systems – everything from the little ones that go under your sink to the massive municipal plants. “The systems I worked with are the kind that primarily remove salt from water and m...

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  • Bright Horizons

    Edition: North/West Palm Beach, Published: Winter 2020 2020

    Hope available for those suffering from “holiday blues.”

    A typical day during the year is hectic enough for Serena*. Transporting her children to and from school and social events takes a huge chunk of her time. But she also has to help the kids with their homework, shop for the family, clean the house, make dinner and support her husband’s business, all while working a full-time job. She rarely has time for herself. Lighthouse Health Group provides patients with a calming atmosphere during care. Like so many, her days get even more hectic around the holidays, and every year, Serena gets depressed. She dreads family holiday gatherings so much that she makes up excuses to avoid attending them. She resents the impositions on h...

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  • Surgeon’s Warning:

    Edition: South Palm Beach County, Published: Winter 2020 2020

    Smoking can smolder your smile. When war broke out in Europe in 1939, the US Navy took the Naval Operation Base in Norfolk, Virginia off “standby mode,” bought up 400 acres of nearby land and launched an expansion project that turned the base into one of the Navy’s central operational hubs. Chris has found a new dentist at Regency Court Dentistry. Shortly thereafter, Chris Olivieri’s grandfather began an expansion project of his own. After vacationing there as a child for many years, Chris’ grandfather began buying and developing land around neighboring Virginia Beach, where he slowly built a small empire by building mostly single-family homes for the soldiers working at the base. “We now have properties in Virginia Beach, Ch...

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  • Master Tradesman

    Edition: East Volusia County, Published: Winter 2020 2020

    Seamless transition from day care to residential care.

    John “Jack” Wilson, 76, is a jack-of-all-trades. He spent his career as a guidance counselor in the Volusia County School District working primarily in middle schools. Upon retiring, Jack went into business for himself, producing and selling coupon books used as fundraisers for nonprofits. He also co-owned a beach concession. Both endeavors were successful. John “Jack” Wilson and his wife, Toshiko But ten years ago, Jack began showing signs of mental decline. His wife, Toshiko, noticed he was losing things, repeating himself and driving on the wrong side of the road. “Jack was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, and it was progressing,” Toshiko recalls. “Eventually, c...

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  • Life in the Fast Lane

    Edition: West Volusia County, Published: Winter 2020 2020

    Drug-free, nonsurgical decompression therapy relieves back pain.

    Daytona International Speedway® is the home to a lot more than the DAYTONA 500® that kicks off the NASCAR® racing season each February and the Firecracker 400 that has traditionally been held there each Independence Day. Mary Kay Hansen In addition, the track plays host to a series of smaller races, a fan ride-along adventure known as the NASCAR Racing Experience and a variety of corporate events. It’s Mary Kay Hansen’s job to make sure they all run smoothly. “I’m an administrative assistant to the senior vice president of operations in charge of the daily operation and maintenance of the speedway,” says Mary Kay, 57. “We actually have something going on here ...

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  • Fully Connected

    Edition: West Pasco County, Published: Winter 2020 2020

    Hearing aids halt woman’s withdrawal.

    When Allison Campbell was ten years old, she began having trouble hearing her teachers at school. In time, her grades plummeted as a result. Testing revealed a hearing loss that could only be corrected with hearing aids. Once Allison was fit for the appropriate hearing devices and moved to the front of the classroom, her grades steadily improved. Allison (2nd from left) enjoying time with her family “My hearing loss is genetic,” Allison, now 50, reveals. “My grandmother is hearing impaired and so is my father. From the genetic testing, it appears it’s the oldest child in the family who suffers the hearing loss. My grandmother, my father and I are all the first-born children. “I lost a chil...

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  • Problem Solvers

    Edition: East Citrus County, Hernando County, West Citrus County, West Pasco County, Published: Winter 2020 2020

    Socket adjustment allows for pain-free, comfortable fit.

    There isn’t much about the horrific motorcycle accident that forever altered his life that John Hartley can remember. As for the disabling aftermath, the recently retired 64-year-old production manager is reminded of that every minute of every day. John Hartley “The accident happened in 2010,” John relates. “Some kid hit me while I was on my motorcycle, and I wound up with a crushed pelvis, a femur that was broken in half and a broken right tibia.” The latter of those three injuries was irreparable and resulted in the amputation of John’s right leg just below the knee joint. John now wears a prosthesis on that leg, but that hasn’t slowed him down much. “I ride a road ...

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  • Beam Me Up, Doc

    Edition: West Pasco County, Published: Winter 2020 2020

    State-of-the-art therapy easily removes skin cancer. In preparation for what they feared might be an attack by the Soviet Union somewhere else in the world, Presidents Truman and Eisenhower both opted to keep the distinguished 82nd Airborne Division of the US Army at home during the Korean War. Electron beam spray therapy has made skin cancer treatment easier for Herbert. Herbert Robinson was among the soldiers who benefitted from those orders. “I guess I was in the service at a good time, because I never got out of the states,” says Herbert, who served in the 82nd from 1952-55. “There were a few times when we thought we might be going to Korea, but it never happened. Obviously, I’m glad for that.” Herbert’s good fortune allowed him t...

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  • Seeing Visions

    Edition: South Tampa, Published: Winter 2020 2020

    Institute opens full-service eye clinic in South Tampa.

    In September, Florida Eye Specialists & Cataract Institute opened a new eye clinic in South Tampa, where it offers a complete range of eye treatments and surgeries. The South Tampa practice is Florida Eye Specialists & Cataract Institute’s fifth location, further reinforcing the Institute’s commitment to serve the greater Tampa Bay community. From left to right: Scott Kohlhepp; Zohrab Kotchounian;Dr. Pauline Thai; Stephanie Defreitas; Shelby Robertson; Brittany Smith The new clinic is located at 3115 West Swann Avenue in Tampa, and it is an integral member of Florida Eye Specialists & Cataract Institute’s family of eye care centers that also includes cli...

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  • Happy Tenth Anniversary!

    Edition: South Tampa, Published: Winter 2020 2020

    Celebrating ten years of helping people feel younger, stronger, sexier.

    Originally opening its doors in 2009, Infinity Medical Institute recently celebrated ten years of success in providing health and wellness to residents of the Tampa Bay area. But its reputation extends far beyond Tampa Bay. Kathleyn & Michael Montemurro People have traveled from as far south as the Florida Keys and from as far north as New York State to take advantage of the array of health and wellness services offered by Infinity Medical Institute. “We’ve treated thousands of patients during the past ten years, and many of them are still with us,” says Michael Montemurro, owner and president of Infinity Medical Institute. “That’s a true testament to...

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