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  • Man at Work

    Edition: East Citrus County, Hernando County, West Citrus County, West Pasco County Published: Spring 2019

    Prosthetic leg restores mobility.

    One of the most difficult decisions John Labrie has ever made came as a result of the 62-year-old plumbing contractor failing to act his age while making a routine run to a local supply shop one day last October. John’s prosthetic leg provides the flexibility he needs to stay active on the job “I was picking up stuff for the guys in the field, and when I jumped out of the side of the bed of the pick-up truck, I landed awkwardly on the slope of the loading dock and popped the arch in my right foot,” John explains. “I guess I forgot I’m not twenty anymore.” That incident was the beginning of a long but failed healing process that first began to go awry when John’s midfoot fusion ...

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  • Viable Alternative

    Edition: Hernando County, West Pasco County Published: Spring 2019

    Chemotherapy before surgery saves diseased bladder.

    After toiling for more than 50 years as a landscaper and supervisor with the Pasco County Parks and Recreation Department, Timothy Jacoby retired this past summer while working the most important job he’s ever had – fighting cancer. Joann & Timothy Jacoby “Bladder cancer, to be specific,” Timothy, 66, confirms. “It was discovered at the beginning of July after my primary care physician thought the cause of some bleeding I was experiencing while urinating might have been a urinary tract infection. “That’s what I was being treated for when, just a few days after those treatments started, I was at work one Saturday when the bleeding became very heavy. I didn’t know what wa...

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  • Change of Habit

    Edition: South Tampa Published: Spring 2019

    ChiroThin weight-loss program trims fat drop by drop.

    Wendy Cawthorne may always look back at the motorcycle accident she had some 20 years ago as one of the pivotal moments in her life, not because of the bodily injuries she sustained, but because of the bodily changes that followed. Wendy Cawthorne Before Though the accident derailed her for a good six months, it is what happened after Wendy recovered that impacted her life the most. “My recovery took months,” Wendy explains. “It’s my own opinion, but I have always thought that my metabolism must have changed around that time, because I was still eating like I always ate, but all of a sudden, my weight started to creep up. “My weight shot up about twenty poun...

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  • Restore Youth and Vitality

    Edition: North Tampa, North/Central Pinellas County, South Tampa, West Pasco County Published: Spring 2019

    BHRT restores energy, enriches sex life.

    Being a group fitness and Tabata instructor, Debra Ruyle was dismayed when she started experiencing low energy last year. The former snowbird from Tuscaloosa, Alabama didn’t think it was normal exhaustion from activity that was slowing her down. The fatigue was too severe. Plus, she was experiencing other uncomfortable feelings at the same time. Walter “Ken” Ruyle “I just didn’t have the energy to do the things I wanted to do,” Debra recounts. “By about one-thirty in the afternoon, I felt like I had hit a brick wall. I was totally tired. I was done, and I’d have to take a two-hour nap. “I was working out, but I wasn’t getting anything out of the workouts. I couldn’t build...

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  • Double Delight

    Edition: West Pasco County Published: Spring 2019

    Dentophobe gains new smile and loses fear of dentists.

    When Lorraine Kent, 71, was a young girl, she had a frightening experience with an uncaring dentist. That experience tainted her opinion of all dentists well into adulthood. The fear it created kept her from visiting a dentist regularly, which affected her overall dental health. Lorraine Kent “I was about twelve when I had a bad dentist who continually hurt me,” Lorraine shares. “He just kept saying I was being a baby. After the third time going to him, I screamed and yelled, and told my mother I wasn’t going to the dentist anymore. “I’ve been terrified of dentists ever since. And I do mean terrified. I waited until I needed a lot of dental work done before I we...

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  • Follow the Leader

    Edition: East Citrus County, West Citrus County Published: Winter 2019

    Get crowns and bridges in one day with CEREC®.

    Nature Coast Dentistry in Beverly Hills is a leader, not a follower. The dental practice was among the first in the area to offer both in-house, high-tech CT scans and digital x-rays that require 70 percent less radiation exposure. The goal of being at the forefront of technology is prominent under the leadership of Kasim Manzur, DMD. He and his staff are committed to keeping Nature Coast Dentistry on the leading edge of dental practice. Dr. Manzur prepares the milling machine for a same-day crown. “We continually upgrade our practice with the most up-to-date equipment, techniques and technologies,” Dr. Manzur confirms. “We want to provide our patients with the best, most a...

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  • A True Beam

    Edition: Brevard County Published: Winter 2019

    Advanced technology precisely targets radiation to destroy cancer cells.

    Cancer can be complicated. In many cases, the cause of a cancer’s development is unknown or complex and poorly understood. On the other hand, the fundamentals of cancer are straightforward and well recognized. That knowledge is the inspiration behind radiation therapy as a cancer treatment. Todd V. Panarese, MD, (left) and Rahul Chopra, MD, use the Varian TrueBeam linear accelerator to treat cancer patients. “The definition of cancer is uncontrolled cellular division,” informs Rahul Chopra, MD, board-certified radiation oncologist at Cancer Care Centers of Brevard. “When cells are dividing, they use their DNA, which is essentially the instruc...

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  • Bone Solid

    Edition: Indian River County Published: Winter 2019

    Orthopedic program restores function and independence.

    On Thanksgiving Day 2017, Dante*, 26, didn’t feel much like celebrating. That day, Dante was the victim in a hit-and-run car accident that left him seriously injured. “The driver essentially sideswiped my car into a pole,” Dante describes. “It resulted in me having a severe femur fracture up by my right hip. The local hospital couldn’t do anything for me, so they sent me to a trauma hospital where I had surgery. “I had to learn how to walk all over again, but after five days of rehabilitation, I could.” – Dante “After surgery, they let me try to walk, but I couldn’t. They said it would take time for me to walk again. I had to get my foot back to normal because I...

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  • Pain Relief Realized

    Edition: Charlotte County, South Sarasota County Published: Winter 2019

    Spine surgery averted with noninvasive stretching protocol.

    Ken Hambrock is the third generation to run the electrical company that’s been in his family since 1927. He’s currently in the process of handing the reins of the Fort Wayne, Indiana institution to his two sons. Sedative Stretching has Ken playing pain-free golf. The transition is what keeps Ken busy during the spring, summer and fall, which he spends in Indiana. During the winter months, Ken lives in Florida, where he golfs almost daily. He did, at least, until an incident occurred last year. “I was out golfing one day, and when I hit the ball, I got a really sharp pain,” Ken recalls. “The pain started in my hip and went down into my right leg. The twist...

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  • Shattered Masses

    Edition: Charlotte County, Lee County Published: Winter 2019

    Kidney stones obliterated using sound wave technology.

    On a pleasant afternoon in early November, Luz Jimenez was enjoying a fun fall adventure at Walt Disney World®. She was hosting family members visiting from her native Colombia. Suddenly, she was hit with excruciating pain. It was so severe, it forced the 58-year-old mother of three to rush to the nearest hospital. ESWL resolved Luz’s painful kidney problem without surgery. “I was in the park when I started to feel the pain,” Luz confirms. “It was terrible. I had to leave and go to the emergency room. The doctor there told me I had a large kidney stone. I have a long history of kidney stones, but this one was big. “I didn’t want to stay in Orlando because my ur...

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