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  • Quality Assurance

    Edition: South Sarasota County, Published: Winter 2020

    Retiree’s smile, chewing function restored.

    Daniel Innes When Daniel Innes, 68, was attending Eastern Michigan University, he thought it was a good idea to work for a while at Ford Motor Company to earn extra cash while going to school. His temporary job turned into a career that spanned 30 years. “It was one of those things where I was going to school and thought I could make a good income in the meantime and then move on afterward,” Daniel elaborates. “But it just continued. Ford kept offering me more positions and putting me through more college, so I stayed. “I started out in the Ypsilanti, Michigan plant working on the assembly line and eventually got promoted to supervisor. In 1976, I helped build the Mil...

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  • Lifting the Dark Cloud of Depression

    Edition: Charlotte County, Lee County, Published: Winter 2020

    Combination of therapies sparks sunny outlook on life.

    It’s not hard to see why Anne-Marie* grew into adulthood thinking a dark cloud followed her wherever she went. She was born in London, England after all, and after living there for 16 years, she and her family moved to Seattle, Washington. “I just happened to spend the first thirty or so years of my life living in what can sometimes be two of the rainiest, dreariest places in the world,” Anne-Marie says. “Now don’t get me wrong; London and Seattle are beautiful in their own ways. “But it rains a lot in London, and in the fall and winter, not only does it rain a lot in Seattle, but there aren’t that many hours of daylight on the nice days. That’s one of the rea...

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  • Corrective Measures

    Edition: Charlotte County, Lee County, Published: Winter 2020

    Unique treatment brings atrophied arm back to full strength.

    Jim is among those who have regained full strength through MCU therapy. If you were to ask Jim Finck to describe his life in a single word, he would more than likely say busy. He owns and operates two businesses, and when he’s not working, this 58-year-old entrepreneur is playing and playing hard. “I’m very athletic, and I engage in a lot of sports,” Jim says. “I play tennis, pickleball and squash. I ski, sail and play basketball. The list just goes on and on. I’m fifty-eight-years young, athletic and with the two businesses, I am very busy.” Busy gradually evolved into laborious a few years ago after a cervical issue that went undiagnosed for nearly two...

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  • Creating Healthy, Attractive Smiles

    Edition: Lee County, Published: Winter 2020

    Debi Grover As an investment REALTOR® and design consultant, Debi Grover works face to face with people all day long. She knows all too well then just how important it is to maintain a healthy, beautiful smile. “When you greet someone, one of the first things they notice about you is your teeth,’’ Debi says. “I’ve known that for years, and there was a time not long ago when that became a concern for me because I suspected for a while that I had periodontal disease. “I wasn’t experiencing any bleeding or anything like that when I brushed, but there was a lot of plaque built up on my teeth, and I knew that over time, some damage had been done to my gums. “I wanted to be able to smile and not feel like I had to hide my teeth when I smiled...

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  • Beyond Tremor

    Edition: Brevard County, Indian River County, Published: Winter 2020

    Clinical trial to study drugs for Parkinson’s disease symptoms.

    Parkinson’s disease is a disorder of the central nervous system, which includes the brain and spinal cord. Each year, about 60,000 people are diagnosed with the disease, the most common symptoms of which include tremors, which are involuntary movements in the hands, arms, legs or head. While difficulties with motor movements are the most common and well-recognized symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, some patients with the disease also suffer with certain neuropsychiatric symptoms. “About thirty percent of Parkinson’s patients develop delusions, hallucinations, depression, impulse control problems and other behavior and mood changes,” states Stuart J. Shafer, MD, pr...

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  • Most Wanted Treatments for Pain Relief

    Edition: Brevard County, Indian River County, North/West Palm Beach, Published: Winter 2020

    SoftWave® therapy heals painful conditions.

    Through his television series, America’s Most Wanted, John Walsh has helped law enforcement capture 1,244 fugitives in 45 countries and recover 61 stranger-abducted children. At the age of 74 and after filming 51 shows a year for 25 years, John was hoping to retire, but the FBI and US Marshals weren’t done with him yet. John is back in the saddle after TRT OrthoGold™ SoftWave® therapy eased the pain in his right knee. “They came to me in the beginning of 2018 and said, We suspect 2018 is going to be the most violent year in American history as it relates to homicides and violent crimes,” John recalls. “They said, You have the trust of the public, and your concept of having t...

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  • Swelling Relief

    Edition: Charlotte County, Lee County, North/West Palm Beach, South Palm Beach County, Published: Winter 2020

    Compression pumps relieve swelling from venous disease, lymphedema.

    When Veronica* was 17, her mother brought her and her three younger sisters from their native Dominican Republic to live in America. Veronica’s mother had come to the United States beforehand to establish a new home and life for her daughters. “The Dominican Republic is a third-world country, so it was hard for my mother, who is a single parent, to raise four daughters there and care for herself,” Veronica shares. “She wanted us to have a better future. “So after she moved to the United States first, we stayed with my grandmother, and my mother sent back money. My mother worked very hard to get a place for herself and become stable, then she b...

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  • Who Would Your Doctor Go to for Pain Relief?

    Edition: Brevard County, Indian River County, Published: Winter 2020

    Physicians really do know who the best doctors are. When it comes to pain management specialists, few attain the level of expertise and respect throughout their communities that Harold J. Cordner, MD, of Florida Pain Management Associates in Sebastian and Vero Beach has. Eugene A. Melvin, Jr., MD, has battled back problems for years. The excruciating ache in his lower back led to burning pain that ran down his left leg. In 2014, he had a discectomy that provided significant pain relief, but a recent injury caused the pain to return with a vengeance. Looking for quick relief, Dr. Melvin first visited several pain management physicians in the Orlando area, where the interventional pain management physician has a practice of his own. He ...

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  • Back on His Feet

    Edition: Indian River County, Published: Winter 2020

    Orthopedic program restores function, mobility and independence.

    On Thanksgiving Day 2017, Dante*, 26, didn’t feel much like celebrating. That day, the cell phone salesman and Miami native was the victim in a hit-and-run car accident that left him seriously injured. “The driver essentially sideswiped my car into a pole,” Dante describes. “It resulted in me having a severe femur fracture up by my right hip. The local hospital couldn’t do anything for me, so they sent me to a trauma hospital where I had surgery. “After surgery, I was told it would be a while before I could walk again, because I was having a lot of trouble just moving my leg. I couldn’t bend my knee, crouch or even put on my socks or do other things o...

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  • Refresh Button

    Edition: Brevard County, Indian River County, Published: Winter 2020

    Vitamin, nutrition and hormone therapies deliver energy boost.

    The human body is built to move. As a working single mother of two active teenage boys, Christy’s* body is one that’s in perpetual motion. “Both my sons are big into sports, so I spend a lot of time just getting them to and from practices and games,” says the 52-year-old freelance photographer. “Throw in work and taking care of the house and things like that, and I’m always on the go.” A former college volleyball player, Christy managed for years to squeeze a few hour-long workouts into her hectic schedule. However, a little more than a year ago, she abandoned those workouts. It wasn’t because she was too busy, but because she was too tired. “I su...

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