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  • Multi-Trauma Program

    Edition: Brevard County, Indian River County, Published: Spring 2018

    Return to independence after life-threatening injury.

    Last year, auto body specialist George*, 62, was living a care-free, unfettered life in his native St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. In early July, George slipped and fell and hit his head on a rock. At the time, he underwent an MRI at the local hospital and was told he was fine. Two months later, Hurricane Irma hit the tranquil island, and life changed dramatically in St. Thomas, George’s life was especially impacted by events on that late summer day. “I was in my house trying to secure my stuff during the hurricane,” he shares. “Part of the roof came down and hit me on the head. I went to the hospital in St. Thomas, and they found I was bleeding in my he...

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  • Whole Person Approach

    Edition: South Pinellas County, South Tampa, Published: Summer 2018

    Physical therapy: an integral component of the recovery process.

    One day in 2004, Nadine*, an assistant customer service manager, was bringing in carts from her store parking lot. The front entrance didn’t have a straight curb; it curved. To get into the store, employees had to make a turn. When Nadine, a Maryland native living in Florida, turned that day, she heard a “pop.” Dr. Peavler (left) and Dr. Boyle believe physical therapy helps in the recovery process. “I ended up having a tear and bulging discs in my lower back,” she describes. “That year, I had my first surgery. The doctors scraped off the discs and sealed up the tear. Because my discs were bone-on-bone, they also put some caulking between the bones. That repa...

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  • Making Gains with GAINSWave™

    Edition: Charlotte County, Lee County, Published: Summer 2018

    Men with ED regain function with noninvasive therapy.

    Recent studies reveal that more than 30 million men in the United States experience erectile dysfunction (ED). Men with ED are unable to achieve or sustain an erection suitable for sex. While ED is more common in older men, it can occur at any age, and it does not discriminate. It happens to men of all races and ethnicities. ED is sometimes a difficult topic for men to bring up to their health care providers, but it shouldn’t be. ED is a medical condition, and in most cases, it can be treated. “Erectile dysfunction is essentially a circulatory problem,” notes Nicholas H. Kalvin, MD, medical director at Gulf Coast Men’s Health in Fort Myers. “Normally, when it is stimulate...

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