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  • Quick, Easy and Effective

    Edition: Brandon/Sun City Center, East Citrus County, Hernando County, New Tampa/Central Pasco County, North Tampa, North/Central Pinellas County, South Pinellas County, South Tampa, West Citrus County, West Pasco County, Published: Winter 2020

    Safe, nonsurgical treatment relieves hemorrhoids.

    For the better part of the ten years he suffered from hemorrhoids, Jason* told no one of the condition, not even his wife or his doctor. “I guess like a lot of people I was too embarrassed to talk about it,” Jason confides. “It was definitely a problem, though. I’d wake up in the middle of the night, itching like crazy. I tried hemorrhoid cream, but it didn’t do anything. It was horrible.” Now retired, Jason spent his working years in the broadcasting industry, where he managed radio and television stations. One day, he heard about HemWell America and had a revelatory moment. “I said to myself, That’s me. I’m not telling my wife about this; I’m not telling anybody,” Jason r...

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  • Want a Better Sex Life?

    Edition: East Citrus County, Palm Coast, St. Augustine, The Villages, West Citrus County, Published: Winter 2020

    Noninvasive ED treatment improves sexual performance.

    The first thing Tom* did upon returning to the United States following his 14-month tour of duty in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War was kiss his high school sweetheart. Later that same day, he went out and married her. “I actually proposed in a letter I sent from overseas about six months before I came home,” the former US Marine Corps sergeant reveals. “She said yes in her next letter back to me, and we later decided we’d get married as soon as I got back, first thing.” Natives of Central Florida, Tom and his wife have “been going strong,” as Tom puts it, ever since. They now have three grown children, a granddaughter, and a grandson on the way. There’s just one p...

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  • One for All

    Edition: Palm Coast, Published: Summer 2019

    Complete dental care available in this patient-centered office.

    Tucked away deep inside its state’s southern pocket, Beckley, West Virginia sits just a tad north of the Virginia border in the heart of coal-mining country. For as long as Henry* can remember, his father worked that town’s coal mines. Dr. Patel seeks to build long-term relationships with all his patients based on trust, respect and friendship. “He was a mine superintendent there, and after I got out of high school, I worked there for five or six years, too,” Henry says. “I wasn’t actually in the mines, though. I would have to go in from time to time, but I mostly worked various jobs outside the mines.” Henry worked those various jobs until he got out of col...

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  • Avoid Knee Replacement

    Edition: Sarasota, Published: Summer 2019

    Stem cell therapy provides long-sought relief from chronic knee pain.

    Whenever he hears the song “The Load-Out” by Jackson Browne, Taylor* gets a little nostalgic. Sometimes, he even gets a bit misty-eyed. That song, recorded live during a concert in 1977, describes the life of the members of the road crew for a rock and roll band. It’s a life Taylor was living at the time the song was released. “Man, that was a wild time,” Taylor reveals. “I didn’t work for a band as big as Jackson Brown’s band. I was one of three roadies for a band that was usually billed as the opening act for bigger bands, but it was a lot of fun. I got to meet a lot of rock stars, and I saw a lot of the country. It was hard work, though. “We’d get into a...

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  • “O,” That’s Better

    Edition: Martin County, Published: Summer 2019

    O-Shot® ends misery of sexual health disorders.

    Elise*, 42, a Bronx native, moved back and forth from New York to Florida several times before finally settling in the Sunshine State in 2000. Being from New York, Elise was privy to the latest trends in fashion and pop culture. She was also keenly aware of the chatter on the streets. But there was one popular topic she admits she knew nothing about. “For years, I heard people talk about orgasms and how they’re the best things ever,” Elise discloses. “I asked my friends what I was supposed to feel. They said an orgasm feels like an intense rush of pleasant sensations inside. But I never experienced anything like that. My friends found it odd that at my age I had never had an or...

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  • Wave Goodbye to Erectile Dysfunction

    Edition: Manatee County, Sarasota, Published: Spring 2020

    New-age treatment corrects disorder’s root cause.

    Like a lot of young college students, Davis* spent his early 20s burning the candle at both ends. He didn’t have much of a choice. Forced to pay for school himself, Davis chose to work his way through college instead of leaning on student loans. “I had a part–time job working about thirty hours a week at a shoe store, and I was taking a full load of classes,” Davis explains. “As you might guess, I didn’t get much sleep back then. But when you’re young, you don’t necessarily need a lot of sleep. Or so I thought.” Davis maintained his hectic pace without issue for about two years. Then, about midway through his junior year, he began to feel sluggish. When the problem...

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  • Sit Back and Relax

    Edition: The Villages, Published: Spring 2019

    Noninvasive, drug-free magnetic therapy relieves stress and anxiety.

    Running your own business can be a stressful and worrisome venture. As Steven* can tell you, it’s even more stressful and worrisome when that business is a start-up and you’re a single father raising two young girls. Peter DeSimone “When you’re out there on your own trying to make things happen, you worry all the time about having enough clients and keeping them happy and things like that,’’ says Steven, a systems analyst who opened his own company a little more than two years ago. “Now throw in the fact that it’s not just me that’s depending on this business working and the fact that the girls have a lot going on. One’s into dance, the other...

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  • Pointe of Order

    Edition: Sarasota, Published: Winter 2019

    Painless, in-office laser treatment corrects toenail fungus.

    After working alongside one another for the better part of 30 years, Ashleigh* and her husband, a noted New Jersey periodontist, decided to reward themselves in retirement with a new home in Florida. It was a little more than a year ago, while the couple was in the process of preparing for their move south, that a relatively minor, everyday type of mishap sparked a slightly larger issue for Ashleigh. “I don’t remember exactly when it happened, but I dropped a bottle of shampoo on my foot in the shower one day, and it broke my left big toenail,” Ashleigh reveals. “When the nail started growing back, it didn’t grow back properly.” Ashleigh knew she had a pro...

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  • Repair Bone Loss

    Edition: Sarasota, Published: Winter 2019

    A once weekly, 15-minute strengthening program can rebuild bone.

    After suffering for years with endometriosis, Shirley* and her husband turned to infertility treatments to help them conceive. During an OsteoStrong workout, patients applypressure on patented equipment designed to stimulate the body’s natural impulse to rebuild bone. While those treatments were not successful, Shirley and her husband still got the child they always wanted through adoption. In the aftermath of the infertility treatments, however, Shirley was left with a serious side effect resulting from prolonged use of infertility drugs – osteoporosis. Bones are made of tissue that is constantly broken down and replaced. But when new bone cre...

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  • Hearing Loss is Reversible

    Edition: Sarasota, South Sarasota County, Published: Winter 2020

    Lumomed™ laser restores damaged ear cells.

    After working for 42 years as a florist in their small, family-owned shop in Albany, New York, Sandy* and her husband retired at the ages of 67 and 68 respectively, moved to Florida and began living what Sandy calls “the good life.’’ As the years rolled on, however, the good life became increasingly difficult, particularly for Sandy, who realized not long before her 80th birthday that she was experiencing the kind of hearing difficulties all too common among people her age. “I’d be talking to someone and I’d only catch half of what they were saying,” Sandy recalls. “I’d have to ask them over and over again, what did you say? Or if I answered them wrong, they’d giv...

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