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  • Preserve Your Sight

    Edition: East Volusia County, West Volusia County, Published: Spring 2020

    Medicine, laser and surgery effective in managing retinal disorders.

    A 42-year-old Michigan native, Jordan* works nearly 20 hours a day managing the gas station he owns in Port Orange. But two years ago, Jordan’s long hours were hampered by changes in his vision. He experienced blurred vision, severe eye fatigue, and his eyes were generally uncomfortable. “When I went for my annual eye exam, the doctor there told me I needed to see a specialist,” Jordan relates. “It turned out I had diabetes. It was damaging the retinas in my eyes.” Diabetes is a condition that results when the body can’t use or store sugar properly. Over time, consistently high sugar levels in the bloodstream damage the body’s blood ves...

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  • The Entourage Effect

    Edition: East Volusia County, Published: Spring 2020

    Epilepsy seizures relieved by medical marijuana.

    By the time Andrew* was two years old, he had been diagnosed with a rare form of epilepsy called Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, or LGS. The syndrome caused Andrew to suffer frequent seizures, where his muscles stiffened uncontrollably, as well as severe tremors. Like many children with LGS, Andrew also experienced learning difficulties early in life. But by the time he was an adult, he was able to live somewhat independently while residing in his parent’s home. “When I was a baby, I was delayed in learning to crawl, walk and talk, and I had trouble all through my school years,” Andrew, now 21, shares. “But I eventually made it through, and today, I have a steady job at a s...

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  • On the Move

    Edition: East Volusia County, Published: Spring 2020

    One-on-one physical therapy gets recruiter back on his feet.

    Larry is grateful to be out of his wheelchair and walking again. Larry Wisniewski, 61, is a highly motivated professional recruiter for the medical pharmaceutical business. From 1988 to 1994, Larry worked out of an office in Orlando, but since 1994, his base of operations has been his Ormond Beach home. Much to Larry’s dismay, his home was the site of a serious accident in 2018. “It was January fifth,” remembers the Detroit, Michigan native. “It was a Saturday morning around eleven o’clock. My wife and I were putting away the Christmas decorations in the attic. “My wife was handing up the tubs of decorations to me, and somehow, I stepped off the plyw...

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  • Dental Duo

    Edition: East Volusia County, Published: Spring 2020

    A tale of two approaches to restoring smiles. Robin is thrilled with Dr. Lester’s work. Robin Black’s 15 minutes of fame came when she was offered a position on then Massachusetts Senator John F. Kennedy’s personal staff as he prepared to run for President of the United States. “My uncle was a Capitol Hill photographer, and I often went with him to big dinners and luncheons to write down the order of the politicians and celebrities in the photos and to gather any other information he needed,” Robin recounts. “It was my uncle who found out that JFK was looking for a secretary, and he told me. “I went to the Senate Office Building and was interviewed on four occasions. They wanted me to be his private secretary. He was getting ready to ...

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  • Feel Younger, Stronger, Sexier!

    Edition: South Tampa, Published: Spring 2020

    Reveal a more youthful you.

    Tami specializes in cosmetic and BHRT treatments. Infinity Medical Institute recently welcomed Teresa “Tami” McGarry, PA-C, to its Tampa location. Tami was brought on board to perform bio-natural hormone replacement therapy, or BHRT, and to expand the institute’s cosmetic services. She is excited about all the services added at this premier medical clinic that was voted number one in the greater Tampa Bay area. “I earned my physician assistant degree through a program at Kettering College in Kettering, Ohio, and I have twenty-eight years of experience as a PA,” Tami relates. “I started working in facial reconstructive neurosurgery and did that at a Level One trauma center in Ohio for ni...

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  • Lifetime Commitment

    Edition: Hernando County, West Pasco County, Published: Spring 2020

    Advanced hearing aids keep couple communicating.

    Upgraded hearing aid technology is helping Roger and Suzanne live a better life together. Long before online dating was invented, couples often met through personal ads purchased in a local newspaper. That’s how then-Connecticut residents Roger and Suzanne Cornwell met some 30 years ago. Upon meeting her in person for the first time, Roger was immediately impressed with Suzanne. So much so that after dating her for ten months, he asked her to marry him. Suzanne said yes, but on one condition. “Before we got married, we were having such difficulty communicating, and I was so tired of repeating myself, that Roger getting hearing aids became somewhat of a condition of o...

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  • Right Time, Right Place

    Edition: West Pasco County, Published: Spring 2020

    Maintenance treatment keeps follicular lymphoma dormant.

    Catherine is once again living an active and healthy lifestyle. Rising up from a small island just off the mainland in the Persian Gulf, Abu Dhabi has quickly grown into the one of the world’s most modern cities. And for the better part of three years, Catherine Goodell called that desert oasis home. “I was actually there for two years, seven months and a day, but who’s counting,” Catherine says of her stay in the capital of the United Arab Emirates, where her husband worked as a nuclear engineer. “It was fun for a while,” Catherine adds. “We enjoyed the adventure and made a ton of friends from all over the world that we never would have met otherwise. But i...

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  • Sound Exchange

    Edition: North/Central Pinellas County, Published: Spring 2020

    Tinnitus masking stops maddening ringing in the ears.

    Arry says the hearing aid technology that relieved tinnitus has been a blessing For the past 30 years, Arry Housh and his wife have owned and operated Arry’s Roofing Services, a fast-track, busy company in Tarpon Springs that specializes in roof repairs and reroofing. “I got into roofing when I was younger and saw there was a need for good workmanship in the Tampa Bay area, so my wife and I started our own roofing business,” Arry recalls. “We now have two adult sons who manage the business with us.” But as he got older, Arry developed a maddening condition that progressed over time and eventually interfered with his daily life and his happiness. “About two years ago, I star...

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  • New World View

    Edition: North/Central Pinellas County, South Tampa, West Pasco County, Published: Spring 2020

    Lee Stillwell

    Revolutionary implant can be adjusted for perfect vision after cataract surgery.

    From journalist to press secretary to lobbyist for the American Medical Association, Lee Stillwell experienced first-hand the world of national politics from just about every possible angle during his long and distinguished career. “I started out as a journalist in the Air Force, and after I got out, I slowly worked my way up to the national staff covering politics for the Scripps Howard News Service,’’ Lee says. “I then went over to the dark side and got into politics myself as a press secretary. “I worked both sides of the House, first for Abe Ribicoff, a Democratic senator from Connecticut, and later for Bill A...

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  • Correct the Cause – Relieve the Pain

    Edition: Charlotte County, South Sarasota County, Published: Winter 2020

    Lose pain, gain flexibility with stretching protocol.

    Coral Thorsen Coral Thorsen, 67, is on her second career. She began as a school teacher, but compounding health problems and the inability of traditional medicine to provide solutions to those problems pointed Coral in another direction. She began practicing alternative medicine. Coral wanted an alternative to medication to deal with chronic back and neck pain. “I had a bad car accident forty years ago, and my back got pretty locked up from that,” she says. “My discs were compressed, almost fused in areas, and I had very limited range of motion. “If I moved a certain way when I slept, there’d be so much pain, it woke me up. I had to be careful how I moved at an...

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