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  • Bypassing Blockages

    Edition: East Citrus County, Hernando County, West Citrus County Published: Spring 2019

    Noninvasive therapy boosts collateral circulation in heart.

    After retiring from the United States Navy in 1983 following 26 years of service, Daniel Segovia, 78, worked for a while for the US Postal Service, then joined his brothers in a business venture. Unfortunately, the Michigan native then experienced a series of health challenges that eventually brought his working life to a halt. EECP has Daniel feeling like a kid again. “I retired for good when I fell down my steps and broke an arm and a leg,” Daniel shares. “I fell again and broke an ankle and the other arm. After that, I suffered a heart attack, then I had a stroke, actually two strokes. I also have diabetes.” While these issues put a stop to Daniel...

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  • Joint Investment

    Edition: East Citrus County, Hernando County, Manatee County, North Tampa, West Citrus County Published: Spring 2019

    Regenerative technique relieves severe knee pain without surgery.

    High-flying airline pilot Raymond* made a career of defying gravity and soaring through the open skies. He did that for 28 years, then took a job as a building-code examiner for Pasco County. That job meant long hours on his feet, which aggravated the arthritis progressing in his knee. “My right knee was the one giving me problems,” Raymond clarifies. “I went to a doctor, who took x-rays and discovered my knee joint was bone-on-bone. I felt a sharp pain in that knee every time I moved the joint. One bone would grind over the other, and that caused the pain, which was usually so intense, I could hardly walk. I had to give up golfing because I could...

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  • Blazing a New Trail

    Edition: North/West Palm Beach, South Palm Beach County Published: Spring 2019

    Stem cell therapy inspires avid hiker.

    When he’s not treating patients at his practice, Active Health Center in North Palm Beach, Marc A. Weinberg, DC, can often be found out in the woods or on a mountain somewhere chasing down his greatest passion, hiking. Along with Dr. Behrue (left),Dr. Weinberg is hiking pain free. “I love to hike,” Dr. Weinberg relates. “It’s my favorite thing to do in the whole world. I enjoy it so much that even here in Florida, I often go hiking over at nearby Dyer Park, where they have a nice little hill that’s pretty good for it.” Dr. Weinberg’s love of hiking is so great that for the better part of the past two decades, he continued hiking through some recurring left knee pain that wor...

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  • Add Hearing Test to Routine Screening Schedule

    Edition: North/West Palm Beach, South Palm Beach County Published: Spring 2019

    Long Island native Henry Resling is a retired investigator for the New York State Police. During his career in law enforcement, the 76-year-old was regularly exposed to sirens and other loud noises. The constant, intense sound eventually had an impact on his hearing. “My wife kept saying that my hearing was getting bad, and it was,” Henry admits. “I was missing some words when people talked to me, and I had a ringing in my ears for a long time. My wife also complained about my television being too loud. My volume level was a lot different than hers. Henry came to realize the importance of having a hearing test. “Initially, I didn’t believe I had a hearing problem, so when I heard about Hearing 4 Life, I didn’t pay much attention to i...

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  • Welcome Home

    Edition: West Volusia County Published: Spring 2019

    Resident ambassador promotes family-like atmosphere.

    All through her youth and well into adulthood, Sylvia Daniel never had any desire or reason to leave her beloved home of Prattville, Alabama. Then some health issues forced her hand a few years into retirement. “I had been having some trouble, and then one day, I fell and hurt myself,” Sylvia explains. “My daughter, who lives in DeBary, explained that it was just too far for her to drive back and forth to check on me all the time and asked if I’d move to Florida. “I told her that if my sister Hattie was willing to go with me, I would, because Hattie and I are both widows, and I didn’t want to leave her there all alone. So, once Hattie agreed to go with me, we m...

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  • Your Last Diet EVER!

    Edition: Hernando County Published: Spring 2019

    Program emphasizes strategies for long-term success.

    “Over the years, I’ve tried different ways to lose weight and failed,” admits Sandy, wife of Michael E. Burr, DC, a wellness consultant and chiropractor at Spring Hill Chiropractic & Wellness. “If I lost weight with some forced diet, I gained it all right back. Dr. Burr’s weight-loss program worked for Sandy. “But once I began Dr. Burr’s program, the weight seemed to come off automatically. It came off consistently each week. I realized that in order to succeed, I needed to make a lifestyle change and live healthier. “I have high cholesterol and high blood pressure, so for me, the program was an overhaul in my lifestyle for long-term results over sho...

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  • Au Naturel

    Edition: North Tampa Published: Spring 2019

    Medical marijuana safely eliminates pain, need for opioids.

    Like many transplanted northerners, New Jersey native Helen Forte moved to Florida primarily for the weather, and wisely so. After all, it’s a lot easier to live the lifestyle Helen prefers in a climate that is perpetually warm and sunny. Helen Forte “I’m a nudist,” Helen reveals. “My husband and I were nudists in New Jersey, but our time to enjoy that lifestyle was very limited there. We only had the summers, so we moved to Florida in 1987 to enjoy the lifestyle year-round.” Helen’s husband has since passed away, but Helen, a 67-year-old retired banker, continues to live her preferred lifestyle. For several years, however, chronic leg pain kept her from...

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  • Doing It Digitally

    Edition: Hernando County Published: Spring 2019

    Doing It Digitally

    Smile restored using dental implants with Same Day Teeth®.

    The threat of severe dental health issues has long loomed over Brooklyn, New York native Cira Stang. For years, dentists warned the now 86-year-old about deteriorating gum disease and the impact the condition could eventually have on her teeth. Cira Stang By 2016, her smile was indeed devastated. “As I got older, my gum problems got worse, just like the dentists said it would,” she shares. “My teeth weakened and started falling out. I ended up with only eleven teeth in my mouth, six on the top and five on the bottom. “My diet consisted of soup and pasta, things I could swallow without chewing because I had no molars. I’m a happy person, but it was very di...

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  • Ride the Wave

    Edition: North/Central Pinellas County Published: Spring 2019

    Drug-free, noninvasive treatment improves sexual performance.

    The first day of September 1983 still stands out in Stan’s* mind as if it were yesterday. It always will, the longtime insurance attorney says, and for good reason. That was the day the Rockford, Illinois native met the love of his life. “I was fresh out of law school and interviewing at the firm that I first went to work for just a couple weeks later,’’ he says. “At one point during the interview, I was introduced to the staff and there she was. “It took me a few months before I could even dredge up enough courage to ask her out, but when I did, she said yes, and the rest as they say is history. We’ve been partners, literally and figuratively, for thir...

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