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  • Climbing the Corporate Ladder

    Edition: Manatee County, New Tampa/Central Pasco County, North Tampa, South Pinellas County Published: Summer 2018

    Once-a-week workouts help career mom stay in shape.

    As a University of South Florida education professor working diligently to achieve tenure, Marie Byrd was already leading a hectic life when a divorce left her as the single parent of her five-year-old daughter some seven years ago. “For people with a busy schedule who want to stay in great shape, 20 Minutes to Fitness is a definite must.” – Marie With work, writing and parenting already taking up a good deal of her time, Marie found it impossible, following the divorce, to carve out the six or eight hours a week she once devoted to keeping the fit, trim and toned appearance she likes. “Parenting and being in a tenure track, where you’re attending c...

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  • No Time for Pain

    Edition: East Citrus County, Hernando County, The Villages, West Citrus County Published: Summer 2018

    Venous disease-related leg pain relieved with minimally invasive techniques.

    Preachers never retire, and neither do preachers’ wives. Mary Jim Campbell has assisted her husband in building churches in many states, including Florida. A few years ago, they returned to Florida and settled in Summerfield. Soon after, they began a new church, where Mary Jim’s husband continues to minister. Mary Jim Campbell “As a preacher’s wife, I work with him,” she explains. “When we build churches, I’m right alongside him doing whatever needs to be done. I work to promote him and make his life comfortable because preachers in this day and age deal with a lot of issues.” Mary Jim had her own issues to deal with, however. For one, sh...

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  • Home-Like Environment

    Edition: Martin County, St. Lucie County Published: Summer 2018

    Short-term rehab center provides high-quality, personalized care.

    Abbiejean Russell Care Center has been the last stop on the long road home for a great number of stroke survivors. Clarence Harvey is among those who developed a special affinity for the center’s warm, home-like environment during his stay. Therapy has helped Clarence regain the use ofhis right arm and hand. “I love it there because they don’t treat you like you’re a patient,” the 59-year-old building maintenance engineer says. “They treat you like family. When the time came for me to go home, I really didn’t want to leave because the people are so special.” Clarence’s departure from the privately owned and operated, short-term rehab center came a...

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  • Nonsurgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

    Edition: Martin County, North/West Palm Beach, South Palm Beach County, St. Lucie County Published: Summer 2018

    An exciting new treatment for vaginal rejuvenation promises to restore what aging and loss of collagen in vaginal tissue can take away. It also helps women experiencing vaginal laxity after childbirth or from the natural aging process. ThermiVa® procedures revitalize vulvovaginal tissue through the application of gentle radiofrequency energy. Treatments performed in the doctor’s office are painless, with no downtime. They can help resolve the aging process of menopause, including the vaginal dryness and thinning of vaginal walls that can make sexual intimacy less enjoyable or even painful. Hormonal imbalance can cause pelvic floor weakness leading to prolapse or the gradual descent of the urinary bladder, rectum and small intes...

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  • Viva Volunteers!

    Edition: Palm Coast, St. Augustine Published: Summer 2018

    At memory care facility, they are essential members of the team.

    On April 18, staff from Symphony at St. Augustine greeted the community’s volunteers at a luncheon to recognize those who give of their time and talents to care for the needs of Symphony’s residents. Symphony at St. Augustine is a community exclusively for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss and other forms of dementia. Volunteers Lynne Ford (left), Sheryl Anderson (center), and Mary Beth Martin (right) say interacting with residents inspires them. “Our community works to build a strong network of people to provide the best care and highest quality of life for our residents,” states Anna Tenorio, memory support director at Symphony at St Aug...

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  • Avoid Back Surgery!

    Edition: Palm Coast, St. Augustine Published: Summer 2018

    Denise Moxon, 65, is a retired registered nurse who stays fit by engaging in a variety of activities that include the challenging horse-riding discipline called dressage, yoga and weight training. Denise Moxon Looking after her barn and horses requires physically demanding chores, but that never fazed her. That is until the day her back went out when she was shoveling dirt. The intense pain started in her lower back and radiated into her right thigh. At first, Denise thought rest would make it go away, so she stopped exercising and riding her horses. When the pain remained, Denise looked for remedies with two priorities in mind: She wanted to avoid surgery and narcotic pain medications. Over four months, she tried physical thera...

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  • Defeat Neuropathy

    Edition: Palm Coast, St. Augustine Published: Summer 2018

    Noninvasive treatment conquers painful syndrome

    Six years ago, Melissa’s* life was threatened by a serious disease, but saving her life left her in pain and nearly disabled. As an administrator of a private school, Melissa loves kids and devotes her life to them. She’s the mother of seven kids of her own: twin boys, two stepchildren and three adopted daughters. “In 2011, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent chemotherapy,” shares Melissa. “After about the fourth chemo treatment, I noticed a change in my feet. It became painful for me to walk. After a couple more treatments, it was very noticeable that there was a serious problem with my feet.” Melissa’s oncologist diagnosed her with peripheral ne...

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  • Pointe Taken

    Edition: Sarasota Published: Summer 2018

    Laser therapy relieves nagging toe problem.

    Dawn* has long been a fitness enthusiast and runner. A few years back, she changed careers, leaving behind the diabetic supply company she founded with her husband to become a personal trainer. When combined with topical ointments, the treatment has an 80 percent success rate and often leads to noticeable results after just one treatment. “I’ve worked out my whole life and have always helped my friends train, and I thought, Why don’t I do that for a living?” Dawn relates. “I’m really enjoying it, and I’m learning a lot of new things every day.” One thing Dawn has learned is how some injuries associated with fitness training and running can seem like one thing when they a...

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  • Doing It Digitally

    Edition: Hernando County, New Tampa/Central Pasco County Published: Summer 2018

    Smile restored using dental implants with Same Day Teeth®

    The threat of severe dental health issues has long loomed over Brooklyn, New York native Cira Stang. For years, dentists warned the now 86-year-old about deteriorating gum disease and the impact the condition could eventually have on her teeth. Cira is proud to show off her new smile. By 2016, her smile was indeed devastated. “As I got older, my gum problems got worse, just like the dentists said it would,” she shares. “My teeth weakened and started falling out. I ended up with only eleven teeth in my mouth, six on the top and five on the bottom. “My diet consisted of soup and pasta, things I could swallow without chewing because I had no molars. I’m a ha...

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  • Supercharge Your Sex Life

    Edition: North Tampa, South Pinellas County Published: Summer 2018

    Increase stamina, develop rock-solid confidence with GAINSWave®.

    Erectile dysfunction is not among the topics most often discussed whenever a group of men gets together to watch a big game at their buddy’s man cave or gather ’round the grill to chat it up during a family cookout. The likelihood of erectile impairment increases dramatically as men age and plaque builds up in the blood vessels. It easily could be, though. Studies suggest that more than half of all men will experience some form of erectile dysfunction during their lifetime and that the chances of dysfunction are even greater among men suffering from hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Smoking, heavy consumption of alcohol and drugs (...

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