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  • Closer to Home

    Edition: Brevard County Published: Summer 2017

    Hibiscus Court brings an aging father closer to his daughter.

    When Kim Landry’s mother died in 2015, she immediately began to worry how her father, Harold Roaden, would live alone in the couple’s home in Indianapolis. Harold loves to take drives in his daughter’s corvette. “My husband, Curtis, and I went to Indianapolis to care for my mother just before she died,” Kim recalls. “At that time, we realized Dad wasn’t doing very well. He had some memory issues – forgetting where he put things, how to get to church and other places. My parents were always together, so I worried about him suddenly being alone.” Kim says her parents, married for 62 years, were avid socialites, always the center of attention in any room.   ...

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  • Don’t Put Off Treating Heel Pain

    Edition: Brevard County Published: Summer 2017

    Skilled and compassionate podiatrist delivers excellent results.

    The most common cause of heel pain is plantar fasciitis, or chronic inflammation of the plantar fascia. The plantar fascia is the rigid ligament along the bottom of the foot, and it often becomes a problem for runners and other athletes, people who are required to stand for long periods at work, or even as a result of pregnancy. “Heel pain may worsen upon weight-bearing activity and after prolonged sitting or resting,” explains board-certified podiatric surgeon Robert P. Dunne, DPM, FACFAS. “Sometimes, it will improve slightly, going from intense to duller pain. “With plantar fasciitis, people often have a problem with pain but they procrastinate a...

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  • Restored Hearing Restores Life

    Edition: Lee County Published: Summer 2017

    Ellen Wall had coped with a serious hearing loss in one ear nearly all her adult life. She was in her late teens when a hearing test confirmed virtual deafness in her left ear. The exact cause wasn’t determined. Ellen enjoys talking to friends, now that she is wearing hearing aids. Ellen never wore a hearing aid. She learned to compensate in other ways, such as sitting up front in class and closely watching facial expressions. Her “good” ear did an adequate job until it, too, was affected. When she was 57, Ellen suffered severe injuries in a car accident. She was in the hospital and rehab for two and a half months. Once home, she noticed it was harder to hear what her husband and daughter were saying. She was turning the telev...

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  • Twenty Years Strong

    Edition: The Villages Published: Summer 2017

    A vision for the best in dental care flourishes in The Villages.

    Twenty years ago, Edward J. Farrell, DMD, and his wife, Trish, decided to move from Orlando to where they could raise a family. Their search led them to Lake County, where Dr. Farrell opened a new practice, Village Dental. Pauline, who loves to play cards in The Villages, is thankful for the excellent dental care that keeps her smile healthy. Dr. Farrell’s vision was to create a dental practice where patients felt welcomed. He wanted to provide comprehensive care in a friendly atmosphere that didn’t feel like a typical dentist’s office. He would also utilize the most technologically advanced equipment and keep up with best practices through co...

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  • Concierge Medicine

    Edition: South Pinellas County Published: Summer 2017

    A better buy than insurance

    For Cynthia Lopresti, having easy access to a primary care provider who understands her is more than a convenience. It’s a lifeline. This prerequisite guided her choice of provider when she and her family relocated to the bay area. Cynthia likes how Dr. Zimmer listens to his patients. “I have multiple medical issues,” explains the Miami native. “I need a physician who will work with me, who is willing to listen to someone who’s very outspoken and informed about her medical problems. I need a doctor who will always be there to help me.” Cynthia found that physician in Michael A. Zimmer, MD, a board-certified internist with Zimmer Medical Services in St. Petersburg. “I found Zimmer Me...

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  • ReSTOR Your Vision

    Edition: South Pinellas County Published: Summer 2017

    Billie Bornstein had worn glasses as far back as she can remember. As a child in the classroom, her extreme nearsightedness kept her from clearly seeing the blackboard in the front of the room or her friends across the playground. “I was seven years old when I got my first pair of glasses,” Billie recalls. “It was so long ago, but it was back in the days when they did those free eye exams at school. My eyesight was so bad that I could not even read the big E on the vision chart. I was told I was extremely nearsighted. I got by alright in school once I got the eyeglasses, but even so that was a hard thing to have to wear at such a young age.” The classroom setting magnetically drew Billie back in decades later. She recently retired f...

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  • Treatment Reverses Erectile Dysfunction

    Edition: New Tampa/Central Pasco County Published: Summer 2017

    Men may be embarrassed to talk about it, but erectile dysfunction, or ED, is a common issue. “Male sexual dysfunction in some form affects about fifty-two percent of men and more than half of those are aged forty to sixty,” notes Dr. Lupo. It’s frequently related to impairment of the tiny blood capillaries in the penis and urogenital area, which hinders the natural erectile response. Vasculogenic issues, causing decreased blood flow, is estimated to affect some 80 percent of men with ED. The risk of ED goes up in men who have hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Smoking also is a risk factor. All of these issues can affect the intricate blood flow and nerve function needed for a lasting erection. Increasing blood flow in...

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  • Give It a Shot

    Edition: Manatee County Published: Summer 2017

    Innovative therapy offers relief from debilitating osteoarthritis pain.

    Andrew Lambert always led an active lifestyle. He enjoyed cycling, swimming, boxing and working out at the gym on a regular basis. A native of England, Andrew played rugby starting in his childhood and well into his adult years. Andrew no longer has difficulty getting in or out of his truck. Now 54, Andrew is paying the price for his athletic prowess. Diagnosed with  osteoarthritis in his knees, he’s had to put that active life on hold. Sometimes called degenerative joint disease or wear and tear arthritis, osteoarthritis is the most common chronic condition of the joints. It occurs when the cartilage, or cushion between joints, breaks down,...

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  • Make a Youthful First Impression

    Edition: Brandon/Sun City Center Published: Summer 2017

    This eye clinic’s facial rejuvenation services refresh the eyes and restore younger-looking skin.

    The eye is the first thing people see on others, and the look of their eyes says a lot about them. It’s essential to take special care of this area. When age, genetics or sun exposure affect the face and eyes, the specialists at Brandon Cataract Center and Eye Clinic can help. Dr. Munger carefully prepares his patient for surgery. “When we first meet someone and initially make eye contact, we immediately begin to form our first impression of that person,” confirms Craig E. Munger, MD, PhD, a board-certified ophthalmologist at the Brandon clinic. “We judge that person to be tired, sad, angry or pleasant based on the ap...

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