• Disc Management

    Spinal decompression is cornerstone of pain-relieving protocol. Jane Himel, 77, is a wife and mother. The Pennsylvania native briefly worked outside the home cleaning houses but spent most of her time as a caretaker for her elder...

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  • An "Ideal" Approach To Weight Loss

    The vast majority of Patricia Chism’s work days are spent sitting behind a desk, so when the day ends or the weekend comes, this 59-year-old billing specialist does her best to get outside and work in her garden. “That’s my go-to,” ...

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  • Works For Me

    Drug-free, nonsurgical therapy gets rid of back pain. You won’t find too many people who list their job as their favorite hobby, but Carolyn Finch does. Though she officially retired at the age of 62, Carolyn continues to work be...

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  • Now Hear This!

    Hearing aid solutions meet couple’s individual goals. Before COVID-19 clipped their wings, retirees Edward and Geraldine Keller routinely traveled from their residence in Trinity to a home they have in New York, where both enjoye...

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  • Feel Younger, Stronger, Sexier

    BHRT restores couple’s energy, vitality. In 2005, at the age of 20, Laura Rutledge packed up her belongings and moved from her hometown of New Providence, NJ, to Tampa to finish her education at the University of South Florida. ...

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  • For Young and Old Alike

    South Tampa clinic welcomes new physicians, expands service. Florida Eye Specialists & Cataract Institute’s South Tampa clinic recently welcomed two new physicians: Evan N. Dunn, MD, and G.S. “Jack” Guggino, MD. Dr. Dunn is...

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  • Pandemic Protection

    Patient safety comes ahead of all else during COVID-19 crisis. New York native Bill Venter made good on his plan to retire early and move to Florida late last year. Shortly after arriving, however, the avid motorcyclist and o...

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  • The Right Care, Right Now

    Emergency dentistry addresses the problem as well as the pain. Norman Jewett recommends services and facilities to people temporarily living in and around Sarasota. His work is part of a concierge service he owns and operates that c...

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    • AFib: Hurried Heartbeats

      Atrial fibrillation, or AFib, is the m...
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    • Conquering Childhood Cancer

      Childhood Cancer Awareness Month is obs...
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