• Back on His Feet

    Orthopedic program restores function, mobility and independence. On Thanksgiving Day 2017, Dante*, 26, didn’t feel much like celebrating. That day, the cell phone salesman and Miami native was the victim in a hit-and-run c...

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  • Outside the Box

    Meticulous attention fosters healing from jawbone disorder. Charles and Cheryl Knable grew up in neighboring communities in the northeastern United States. While Cheryl and Charles actually hail from different states...

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  • Less Is More

    “Treat-as-needed” protocol successfully corrects retinal condition. Most of the country’s state-run lottery systems use slogans such as “You can’t win if you don’t play” to entice people to buy lottery tickets. For 30 yea...

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  • Solid Foundations

    Creating healthy attractive smiles. For most of her career, Artis Sham, 72, worked in insurance. The Pennsylvania native relocated to Florida in 1972, and before long formed the first all-female management team at C...

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  • Full Steam Ahead

    New twist on old therapy cleanses body, eliminates pain and swelling. The red 1968 Chevrolet Corvette and the green 1965 Ford Mustang that are parked like museum pieces in her spotless, spacious and brightly lit garage a...

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  • Spots and Strings and Shadows, Oh My!

    Solving the mystery of eye floaters. Driving in busy city traffic is a task George* does not relish. Traveling the jammed freeways isn’t much fun for him, either. Both settings pose a challenge for George, who, even wit...

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  • One and Done

    Same Day Teeth® option restores smile in a single visit. Despite all that has transpired since its conclusion, the Persian Gulf War in which Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi army was driven out of the oil fields of Kuwait is still considered one of t...

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  • Lifting the Fog of Depression

    Nonsurgical, drug-free therapy restores passion for life. To say that Mishelle Delfrate was once a fitness fanatic would be a bit of an understatement. For this 54-year-old native of El Paso, Texas, fitness was never ju...

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