• Get Back in the Game

    Revolutionary acoustic wave therapy boosts sexual performance. Outside of being about four or five pounds overweight, Elliott* says he’s in great shape for a man who will soon celebrate his 70th birthday. “I’m in excellent he...

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  • Freedom from Glasses

    Cataract surgery alleviates need for glasses, improves vision. As military tours of duty go, the 23-month stint that John Clark served overseas with the 1st Cavalry Division and 173rd Airborne during the Vietnam War was about as manag...

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  • On the Fast Track

    “Express TMS” treatments ease anxiety, depression. After working for more than a decade in the technical support field for a variety of different companies, Brian Covins ventured out on his own a few years ago and became a one-man G...

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  • Sit Back and Relax

    Noninvasive, drug-free magnetic therapy relieves stress and anxiety. Running your own business can be a stressful and worrisome venture. As Steven* can tell you, it’s even more stressful and worrisome when that business is a...

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  • Pet Friendly

    Senior living community opens doors to residents’ furry friends. It’s a fact supported by research: Having a pet has benefits, especially for seniors. Seniors with pets are never alone, so they don’t feel lonely. Pets ins...

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  • Macular Degeneration?

    Wearable video magnifiers are changing lives for those with AMD and severe low vision conditions. In the United States, one in 28 citizens ages 40 and older has low vision. That’s the loss of sight not correctable with pr...

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  • A Far Sight Better

    Cataract surgery brings back clear, crisp vision. From teller to manager, Barbara Cherry held just about every job someone can across the nearly 30 years she spent working in the banking industry. Every job, that is, ex...

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  • Three Cheers for TMS

    Alternative to antidepressants shows promise for eating disorders. Many kids grow up wanting to be doctors, teachers or professional athletes. Not Samantha Wynimko. For the longest time, she says, she has wanted to be an autopsy ...

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