• Overcoming Dental Phobia

    Sensible, gentle care ends anxiety and fear. When Josiane Swartz was a 12-year-old girl in France, her mother took her to the dentist to have her first cavity repaired. She had no idea what that involved. There was nothing to numb he...

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  • Goodbye Bunion

    New techniques result in less pain, quicker recovery. The bump conspicuously jutting out of Beverly Day’s left foot was more than an unsightly nuisance. It also caused her horrible pain that affected her daily acti...

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  • Personalized, Comprehensive Care

    This practice delivers. Luis Guzman was having difficulty chewing, and two failing teeth in his lower right jaw were the culprits. “They were deteriorating,” he reports. “I guess it was lack of care.” Luis became s...

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  • Bye-Bye Pills, Heating Pad

    Nonsurgical therapy brings relief from neck pain. Marjorie Savage’s ordeal began last May with an aching shoulder that flared up during an event at DeLand’s Stetson Baptist Church, where she’s responsible for preparing meals as the f...

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  • Poor Hearing Impacts Speech

    Team approach improves communication. Patricia “Pat” Yount enjoys dining out with friends. But with everyone at her table talking and laughing, she had difficulty following conversations. Speaking loud enough to be heard be...

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  • “Almost Instantaneous” Recovery

    EVLT eliminates varicose veins without surgery. Richard Yeatter felt no pain from large varicose veins in his lower left leg, so he did nothing about them. But lingering concern about the unsightly bulges, along with vague s...

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  • See Clearly for Life

    An avid outdoorsman, Alan Salmi spends his free time participating in the two sports he loves most – hunting and fishing. As a regional vice president for Rooms To Go® for the past 26 years, Alan rarely gets much time to himself. When he do...

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  • Relief From Dry, Scratchy Eyes

    Martha “Marcy” McClanahan loves books so much, she could read from morning till night, but her dry, scratchy eyes caused her to blink and squint a lot. Her regular eye doctor prescribed drops to improve her eyes’ natural ability to produce...

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      Body aches are often an unfortunate bu...
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    • Seriously Shingles

      If you’re over 50, and especially if yo...
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