• Preferred Polymer

    New material improves fit, feel and look of partial dentures. Ever since she was a young girl, Emma Girt wanted to serve in the military. So shortly after high school graduation, the Canton, Ohio, native joined the Air Force, where s...

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  • Straight Ahead

    City worker returns to duty after one-on-one physical therapy. In 1999, Wayne Delin, a motorcycle enthusiast, traveled to Daytona Beach for Bike Week. He liked it so much that he purchased a home in the area, resigned from his job in ...

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  • The Road Back

    Nonsurgical stem cell therapy alleviates spinal pain, neuropathy. Ever since he was old enough to get behind the wheel, Joe Ocello has been a car guy. A master mechanic, he repairs cars, tinkers with them, even collected a few, incl...

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  • Beaming with Pride

    Simple fix delivers wonderful new smile. Vince Spano, 72, is a “lawn whisperer” of sorts. For more than 40 years, the Vietnam veteran has coaxed grass to grow by supplying it with the water essential for it to thrive. His roots in th...

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  • Now Hear This

    Family-owned provider offers customized solutions for patients. In 1963, Rudi Gresham entered the US Army, where he earned $73 a month serving his country. Later, he continued to serve his country, but in a different capacity. ...

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  • Below Par No Longer

    Golfers escape trap of muscle pain through unique rehab treatment. Joe McCullough understands cold. He was born and raised in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States, where winters can be frigid and long. But when he got older, h...

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  • One-Hip Wonder

    Same-day, outpatient replacement surgery ensures rapid recovery. The four horses that prance around Joan Hoff’s property in Punta Gorda are about as close to “ideal” as you’re going to find for their breeds. Getting them there and ke...

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  • Vein Check

    Diagnosis for pesky wound calls for look below the surface. Robert Shuster understands that everyone has questions about their emotional functioning and the reasons they do what they do. Seeking answers to those questions is what mo...

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      A few precautions can keep your skin ...
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