• Lasting Dental Solutions

    Single visit crowns and implants are excellent long-term solutions to patients’ dental problems. During an early career, Billie Harris was a popular hairstylist in her home state of West Virginia. To keep up with the latest trend...

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  • Tune Out Tinnitus

    Unique hearing instruments can mask the ringing in your ears. Dominick Luca retired and moved to Florida in 2012 after working more than 30 years in the engineering division of the City of New York. Most of his career, Dominick was an...

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  • For the Love of Hearing

    This Vero Beach hearing aid specialist uses today’s advanced technology to provide patients with state-of-the-art instruments. Working as a Realtor®, Rodney Hicks understands the importance of listening to his clients’ needs. ...

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  • An Eye Care Team to Trust

    When his mom needs cataract surgery, doctor recommends only the best. When Anita Puskar moved to Vero Beach from Ohio, she knew that she would need a cataract operation because her eyesight was becoming impaired. “My vision at nigh...

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  • Laughing Out Loud

    Small-diameter implants hold dentures in place when talking, eating or laughing. Meleah Gray has worn dentures for 20 years. Over time, the bone in her bottom jaw wore away, making it difficult to keep those dentures in pla...

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  • Seeing Clearly

    Implantable contact lenses: A vision correction alternative to LASIK. For most of her life, Jessica Page woke up to a blurry world. The first order of the day was always reaching for her glasses. “I’m super-blind, and I’v...

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  • Repair and Rejuvenate

    Body’s own platelets used in treatments for hair loss and arthritis. After the birth of her second son, Wendy Tiller’s hair never bounced back. Hair loss isn’t unusual for new moms as tresses react to the changing hormone levels of po...

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  • Toxic Breakdown

    Chelation therapy is a safe, proven way to effectively remove heavy metal toxins from the bloodstream. Years of working as a car mechanic and owning his own repair shop took a toll on Marvin Stone’s health. Several years ago, Mar...

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