• The Root of the Problem

    Frustrated by non-healing leg wounds? It could be your veins! A year ago, Paula Gilland retired for the second time. She first retired at age 50 after 30 years as a Safeway® employee. She then went into the mortgage industry for 15 ye...

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  • Short Circuit Solution

    Model change solves hearing device shut-down dilemma. Phil Baker learned at an early age that sooner or later he would likely suffer from some degree of hearing difficulty. Hearing loss can be hereditary after all, and since his m...

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  • Restored Smiles Are Long-Lasting

    With proper care, implants can look good, function well for decades. Anne and Mike Green hail from the town of Sutton, about 14 miles south of London, which Mike describes as a “big, big place” with “wall-to-wall brickwork.” ...

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  • Lose the Wait

    Speedy appointments among benefits of concierge care model. In early January, property investor Mitchell Pozin developed a persistent cough and other flu-like symptoms that made him feel weak and run-down. He became concerned enough t...

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  • A Whole New World

    Cataract surgery leads to crisper, clearer vision. Lynda Lovell can attest to the fact that, unlike wine, whiskey and some allergies, eyesight does not get better with age. As Lynda drew closer and closer to retirement a few years ...

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  • Stop Smoking, Start Fighting Artery Disease

    Healthy lifestyle slows progression of symptoms. Jim Scully was only six when his parents, both former smokers, warned him and his siblings about the health risks of getting hooked on cigarettes. But that didn’t prevent Jim f...

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  • OsteoStrong® - Osteoporosis Solution

    The drug-free program is an effective way to rebuild lost bone. Susan Koontz was fit, healthy and in her late 50s when she received distressing results several years ago from what she thought would be a routine bone density scree...

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  • Straight Ahead with Invisalign®

    Henna Patel has something special planned for the end of March. She plans to debut a new smile. To get there, however, Henna first had to overcome her longstanding aversion to dentists. “When I was younger, I was really afraid to go to t...

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    • The Eyes Have It

      By the time he had reached the end of t...
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    • Oral Cancer Concerns

      Let’s discuss something we don’t u...
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