• Protect the Skin You’re In

    Early detection, use of sunscreen and regular screenings are helpful measures in protecting ourselves against skin cancer.  Michael Turner loves spending time outdoors fishing, playing golf and sailing on the open waters. But sp...

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  • Save Your Smile

    Repairing tooth damage not only improves your smile, but it also prevents future dental problems. Tina Moore almost lost some of her teeth because of a habit she can’t control. Like others who have the habit, Tina doesn’t real...

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  • PAD: Serious Disorder and Warning Sign

    The presence of peripheral arterial disease can herald blood blockages elsewhere in the body. James Underwood did a lot of walking during his career with the US Postal Service. Now retired, his part-time job as a prep school b...

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  • Experience When It Counts

    Advanced expertise is a defining factor for patients entrusting their injured blood vessels to a board-certified cardiovascular surgeon. Retired teacher Kathryn Whitehead spent five years traveling the country in an RV with her husba...

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  • Lose Weight and Feel Great

    Many overweight individuals are diabetic and don’t even realize it. Now, those patients can get the help they need to lose weight and control the disease. Losing weight became a matter of life, or death, for John Hawks. ...

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  • A Stress-Free Smile

    Sedation dentistry allows patients to relax during dental procedures. Dental health should be a part of everyone’s wellness regimen, but many people do not go to the dentist because they are afraid. Perhaps they had a bad expe...

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  • Devoted to Quality Dental Care

    Exceptional quality, intelligent teamwork, advanced technology and superior customer service are chapters in River City Dentistry’s handbook of dental patient care. As a retired dental assistant, Patricia Calvin knew what she was loo...

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  • The Skin Tells a Story

    Skin changes that might seem harmless can signal serious disorders deep inside the body. Retired restaurateur Carol Toscano enjoys spending her free time at the beach or by the pool. She knows that her time in the sun can have dire ...

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