• Circulation Booster

    Bypass results without surgery Gary Roberts doesn’t like to sit still. Originally from Western New York, Gary moved to Florida in 1967 and eventually started a small business in Brooksville. The 72-year-old finally ret...

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  • Revitalizing Smiles

    Restoring teeth with Invisalign® and prep-less veneers Stay-at-home mom Sumbul Mirza keeps a super busy schedule caring for her husband and one-and-a-half-year-old son in Hernando. Sumbul has always made time to care for o...

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  • Smile Magic

    Restoring self-esteem with Teeth in a Day As a child, Catherine Golda didn’t go to the dentist regularly because her family’s finances didn’t allow for it. As she got older, her own finances restricted her from keeping up with ro...

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  • Goodbye Floaters

    Vitreolysis makes irritating eye debris vanish. To William Mee, it looked like an insect scurrying across his floor or the fly from the horror movie The Ring that buzzed across the static on a television screen. In realit...

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  • Head Strong

    Stubborn neck pain? MCU™ therapy provides relief. Angela Tompkins is a well-known member of the health and wellness community. A former massage therapist and yoga teacher, she now travels the globe as a personal trainer and he...

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  • Tailored Treatments

    Different eye problems require separate strategies. Five years ago, Michael Peacock decided to retire and make Florida home for good. For years, he’d split his time between Florida and Nantucket, Massachusetts, where he was a car dea...

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  • Relieve Backaches Without Drugs, Surgery

    Former soldier, triathlete reclaims his life with chiropractor’s help. Travis Walker first hurt his back as a young soldier while training at Fort Carson, Colorado in 1998. “I was doing a rack run, where you run with a pack on ...

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  • Cruise Control

    Advanced technology, personalized care produce perfect results. Randy Beall was in his 35th year as a member of the Colorado Springs, Colorado police force when a left hand injury he suffered while on duty forced him to retire a bit ...

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      For most of my life, I lived in Pennsyl...
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      Victims may appear happy when in fact...
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