• Relief From Dry, Scratchy Eyes

    Martha “Marcy” McClanahan loves books so much, she could read from morning till night, but her dry, scratchy eyes caused her to blink and squint a lot. Her regular eye doctor prescribed drops to improve her eyes’ natural ability to produce...

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  • Surgery-Free Solutions

    All-natural therapies bring relief from aching back. Carol McKee had suffered from low back pain on and off for years, but it didn’t significantly affect her life. That changed one day, some six years ago, when she bent down to give...

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  • Winning Against Gum Disease

    Save teeth and gums and eliminate periodontal disease. Jim Baker’s battle with periodontal disease, an inflammation of the gums, began more than 20 years ago in his native Fort Wayne, Indiana. When his gums were swollen and bl...

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  • Clearing the Cobwebs

    Laser procedure vanquishes troublesome eye floaters. Ann Hobson was among millions of people living with eye floaters, those pesky flecks, cloud-like spots, dots and cobwebs that can dart in and out of one’s field of vision. Ann’s w...

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  • Twist of Fate

    Ankle replacement offers long-term solution. Patricia Meesit admits she’s been rough on her feet over the years. She twisted and sprained her left ankle numerous times in her younger years. As she aged, she developed arthritis in he...

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  • Feel Younger, Stronger and Sexier

    A broken finger turned out to be a life-changing event for Debbie Rogers. Nearly a decade ago, Debbie began experiencing menopausal symptoms, including hot flashes, night sweats, lack of interest in sex and feeling lethargic. “I did...

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  • Triple Threat

    Three valuable advantages of kyphoplasty Five months ago, Anna Nico caught a miserable cold. With it she developed a deep, intense cough. She realized it was a complication of the cold with her existing breathing problems. What she d...

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  • Complete Home Health Care

    A retired professor of neurology, John Martin*, MD, still enjoys rattling off facts about the nerves and spinal cord and doesn’t miss a beat. “I enjoy talking about the thing I know best,” Dr. Martin says. “It’s a comfort zone.” While Dr. Ma...

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      If you’re over 50, and especially if yo...
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      There’s good news and bad news about...
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